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The Husker Football “Why Wait?” Edition: Who’s On The 2018 Nebraska QB Depth Chart?

Let’s face it - Tanner Lee and a Scott Frost offense mix about as well as Tommy Armstrong and a Mike R-......oh, never mind.

Arkansas State v Nebraska
Of the returning Husker quarterbacks, does Tristan Gebbia have the best chance of running Frost’s offense?
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Scott Frost has been the Husker Head Coach for five days now, so the honeymoon period is over and it’s time to start getting right to it. We’ve got a dynamic new offense coming to Lincoln and the scholarship quarterbacks remaining on the roster were recruited by Mike Riley to run a scheme that required, let us say, a slightly less mobile class of athlete.

(Of course, I’m just kidding about the honeymoon being over. By God, we are going to the Bahamas for a month, then taking a tour of Europe’s pubs and castles together. Or whatever else is a metaphor for a really long honeymoon.)

Anyway, it’s time to start thinking about who will captain the new offense. If you’ve watched McKenzie Milton drive that Maserati of an offense at CFU, then of course you’re desperate to have some fast, crazy bastard with a whip arm running wild and slinging it deep with a scarlet “N” on his cream helmet.

But who’s going to be given the keys to the sports car as the 2018 season kicks off?

Will one of the currently rostered returnees show sufficient mobility so that their superior arm will allow them hold off whatever dual-threat guys(s) is brought on board? Will the job be handed to a JUCO or high-profile transfer? Will an 11th hour recruit come in and show enough skill and maturity to be inserted immediately as the QB of the future in what will likely be a serious rebuilding year?

To tell the truth, other than being fairly certain that Frost won’t try the Riley square-peg-inround-hole approach to the position, I have no idea, but let’s play around and speculate a little, shall we?


Tanner Lee (?)
Why This Could Happen: Returning team captain brings leadership; could adjust to more of an Air Raid style of spread; already transferred once
Why It Won’t: Need to establish the new offense immediately & take lumps and Tanner doesn’t fit it due to having the mobility of Andre the Giant, see: Riley/Armstrong; likely to take chances with NFL

Patrick O’Brien
Why This Could Happen: Showed some mobility in the Minnesota game; has expressed excitement at the hire, definitely has a strong enough arm
Why It Won’t: Still some of same minuses as above; 6’4” 230 may not fit the offense

Tristan Gebbia
Redshirt Freshman
Why This Could Happen: May be most talented of 3 remaining QB’s; only real look we’ve had was Spring game but he appears to have some sneaky speed as well as excellent arm
Why It Won’t: This is a pro-style QB who came to Nebraska to run a pro-style offense; last rites may be performed on-field if he keeps on a zone read and Nick Bosa guesses correctly


Adrian Martinez
Clovis West - Fresno, CA
Why This Could Happen: 4-star Tennessee commit, season on your recruiting class, ya’ dysfunctional asshats!; scheduled a visit as soon as he got the offer, so yes, we’re serious here; #9 ranked dual-threat QB, #167 in Rivals 250; we already have jerseys with “Martinez” on them, so let’s do this!
Why It Won’t: Does Frost really want to put all his eggs in the true freshman basket?

Terry Wilson
Garden City, KS, CC
Why This Could Happen: Conference POY at Garden City; originally a Husker commit out of HS before flipping to Oregon; stated on Omaha radio interview that he would be very interested in Huskers if Frost hired so there you go; Lincoln could be the fresh start he’s looking for closer to home (OK)
Why It Won’t: Stats at Garden City not eye-popping; does he leave yet again if not named starter out of spring ball?


McKenzie Milton
Central Florida
Why This Could Happen: Who better to run Frost’s offense???
Why it Won’t: Fun to dream but obviously kidding. 1) would have to sit a year 2) Neither Frost nor Milton would do that to UCF (Right?)

Noah Vedral
Central Florida
Why This Could Happen: Nebraska boy (Wahoo); UCF backup, 22-29 276 yards 18 carries 79 yards as freshman; 6’2”, fast (all-class state champ 300 hurdles, 2nd in 110’s, actually got to see him run hurdles several times when he was at Bishop Neumann - kid can fly); would actually be surprised if he didn’t follow Frost home
Why It Won’t: Even if he does come, will have to sit a year. It will not happen in 2018.

Joe Burrow
Ohio St
Why This Could Happen: Former Rivals #24 dual-threat QB as a recruit; father was a Husker; appears buried as a backup at Ohio St. behind Haskins; was orginally interested in Nebraska but not recruited by Beck/Pelini; is rumored to be graduating in Spring 2018 so would be eligible to play immediately as a grad transfer; do you really want to spend extracurricular time around Urban Meyer??; but seriously, if he wants a chance to start, this makes sense for everyone
Why It Won’t: Shockingly, some actually feel a loyalty to teammates & friends despite low chances of starting; he was reportedly stung that father’s alma mater showed no interest - does that extend beyond that coaching staff to the school


1) Tanner Lee forgoes his senior season for the NFL Draft, is taken in the 7th round by New England and placed on the scout team after a solid preseason performance. Tom Brady tears a hamstring trying to keep pace with Giselle’s new devotion to the Kama Sutra for Russian Gymnasts. Called up to back up Brian Hoyer, Tanner finds himself thrust into the starting job after Hoyer punches himself unconscious following 3 straight INT’s vs. the Browns. 2 months later, he is a Super Bowl champ and the future of the franchise.

2) Patrick O’Brien, after finding himself outside of starting job for the 2nd straight spring, transfers to Oregon St. and takes over the starting job in 2019 under the direction of Beavers QB coach, Mike Riley. He credits a 3500 passing yard season to a desire for “sprinkles”.

3) Tristan Gebbia adds 3 pounds and is clocked in 4.59 in the 40 in the spring and appears to be earning a solid chance at the starting job until Mohammed Barry reads a naked bootleg counter correctly. The resulting collision send his severed left arm into Row 7 of West Stadium’s 40 yard seats which leaves the crowd in shocked silence until Noah Vedral brings them to their feet by squirming free and sidearming a 30 yard bullet to Kade Warner for six in the corner of the end zone.

4) Noah Vedral runs the scout team and says he’s living the dream.

5) Joe Burrow thanks Scott Frost for the opportunity but says his heart is with the Buckeyes. He grows a full beard while Urban Meyer demands the FBI investigate who is repeatedly stomping paper bags full of shaving cream under his door and all over his office. The FBI informs Meyer they don’t do that, and, for the love of God, stop acting like such a dildo.

6) Terry Wilson finally makes it to Lincoln almost 3 years after his original commitment and wins the starting job. There’s crowd-groaning questionable decisions along with some breathtaking displays of athleticism as the Frost attack both sputters and shines on the way to an 8-5 season capped off by a 46-43 Music City Bowl win.

7) Adrian Martinez signs with the Huskers and leads them to their first B1G title in 20-(?)

8) I was so kidding about McKenzie Milton. If you read this far hoping to hear differently, I sincerely apologize.

All kidding aside, we’ve nothing else to do until the next few months and Spring Ball start sorting everything out. Fire away below - what will the Husker QB position look like in 2018?