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Nebraska Football: Scott Frost Introductory Presser

Frost’s opening press conference went as well as it possibly could have gone.

AAC Championship - Memphis v Central Florida
Scott Frost does his best action hero look...
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

To say that Scott Frost won his opening press conference would be a massive understatement, but then again, the only thing he really had to do was not show up drunk. The opening bar is set pretty low right now for Scott Frost and that's a good thing. It means that the state of Nebraska and its football fans are more unified right now than they been since the year, 1997, that Frost last played quarterback for our beloved Cornhuskers.

Bill Moos introduced Frost to a round of rousing applause, something abnormal for press conference, but not unusual given that there were a lot of players and former players in attendance. Frost stated that when he saw all the former players that had come to greet him, his first thought was "This is unbelievable". His second thought – "Most these guys have been eating too much". (At least I hope it was in regards to former players.)

One of the first things Frost talked about is unity - "I think this state is hungry for unity", he stated as a massive understatement. The tremendous amount of infighting amongst the fan base has been difficult to take and it has existed since Tom Osborne's retirement, and his designation of Frank Solich as the head next head coach. (I have no wish to revisit that discussion and I hope you don't either.)

Frost made clear that he wants the entire state behind the program. He was asked about the walk-on tradition and he stated that he expects to expand that program and that players from the state of Nebraska are very important. Frost wants Nebraska players that will work hard to represent this state, and he wants to get back to locking down this state and making kids dream of coming to Nebraska.

He thanked Matt Davison for help making his return possible. When he was asked about Tom Osborne's influence, he stated that he felt Osborne would have told him if the timing wasn't right for his return. He mentioned that he was not considered when the job was last open in 2014 and he was glad he was not considered. He did not receive a phone call and he was glad he didn't. This makes sense. You can take it as a shot at Shawn Eichorst and perhaps it was, but that's all in the past in the key is leadership is in place from the top of the University to make the football program successful.

Moos talked about Frost's offense and mentioned the UCF championship game yesterday and how delightful it was to watch the quarterback play, the receivers, as well as the offensive line. Frost was later asked, “How are you going to modify your system for the Big Ten?”

He gave the perfect answer.

“I’m hoping the Big Ten has to modify their system for us.”

Frost could've stopped talking at that point and had the greatest Nebraska press conference in two decades, but he continued on answering questions.

He was asked the difference between turning around a place like UCF and turning around a place like Nebraska. Frost answered that there is no difference. It's perhaps an overlooked answer, but it is very important to understand that building an organization has the same components regardless of where you are. The most important components are leadership and unity - Frost mentioned them both several times throughout the press conference. Will cover this more later.

Frost also talked about his offense and stated, “We’re going to fast around here. Practice going to go fast. Meetings are going to fast. It’s going to be fun." He commented the players will have Christmas time off, and he expects them to return in January refreshed and then it's, "time to go to work".

It's important to note that Bill Moos did not offer the job to anyone else but Scott Frost. Years from now will hear from other coaches who stated that they were offered the job but turned it down for various reasons. Remember that they were not.

Another quote, this time about how Frost felt about returning to Nebraska.

“This is home, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than turning this place around.”

One hopes that he wins that reward.