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Bowl Game Open Thread: The Big Ten Begins Play!

Wooo! Another day, another set of bowl games!

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


Yes, there are more bowls today! Four more bowls because there is still college football, and if you think there’s too many bowls, then I’d like to remind you that the OFFSEASON IS A DARK AND HORRIBLE PLACE IN WHICH YOU YEARN FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL BUT CANNOT HAVE IT.

So, if you’re gonna complain about too many bowls, you can piss off.

Two Big Ten teams play today - Iowa and Purdue. Are we rooting for them? Well....

The Big Ten Starts!

Bowl Game Time Channel/Stream
Bowl Game Time Channel/Stream
Independence Bowl : Florida State vs. Southern Miss 12:30 PM ESPN / WatchESPN
Pinstripe Bowl : Boston College vs. Iowa 4:15 PM ESPN / WatchESPN
Foster Farms Bowl : Arizona vs. Purdue 7:30 PM FOX / FSGo Video
Texas Bowl : Missouri vs. Texas 8:00 PM ESPN / WatchESPN


Iowa Football Preview: Boston College Eagles - Black Heart Gold Pants

At this point, everyone knows about Iowa’s postseason woes over recent seasons, as the Hawkeyes are currently riding a five-game bowl losing streak with the last bowl win coming all the way back in 2010. Also, it’s not like these bowl games have been close losses either, as the Hawkeyes have been outscored by a total of 108-10 in the first halves of their last five bowl game losses.


gee, that’s awful