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Nebraska Basketball: Delaware State Preview

Can Nebraska make it two in a row at home? Probably!

NCAA Basketball: Delaware State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Delaware State Preview

Date: Friday, December 22nd

Time: 7:00pm CST

Location: Lincoln, NE

Mascot: Hornets

Coach: Keith Walker (4th Season)

2016-17 Record: 10-22 (7-9 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)

2017-18 Record: 2-10 (0-0 Conference)

Fun Fact: Delaware State University has a no smoking policy the encompass the entire campus.

Previous Season:

The Hornets managed to pull off three wins in the non conference before having a moderate amount of success against their conference foes. Their ten game win season had a nice four game run in the middle of it all which I am sure gave them some hope. They lost to Bethune-Cookman in the first round of the MEAC conference tournament which ended their season. A team they beat in double overtime during the regular season.

Yep, that’s about it for last season.

Current Season:

The current season isn’t going much better than the last one for the Hornets. They currently have two wins over Division III Carin and Division II Georgian Court. Neither of which put up much of a fight.

If there is one thing to doing these previews, is that you realize how many random colleges there are in this country. I had to dig for Georgian Court.

Their RPI is currently 350 out 351. Beating out only Cal State Northridge in all of the Division I basketball programs. I would expect they will pull off a few wins once conference starts. That’s roughly what they did last year and with the bottom of the conference looking just as bad, it should help the Hornets out.

If Nebraska loses to the Hornets, it will be bad. Very very bad.

They are lead by Somon Oklue who is averaging 10.2 ppg and 6.5 rpg. He is a 6’10” forward from Nigeria. He’s a decent presence in the middle that can cause problems for teams. He recently had a nice game against ACC member Pitt where he put up 12 points and pulled down 12 rebounds in the 74-68 loss.

Artem Tavakalyan is another forward who has done well for the Hornets this season. The 6’6” senior from Russia who is averaging 9.9 pgg and 5 rpg. Nothing that the Huskers will have too much trouble with but a player they will have to keep in check none the less.


As flat as the Husker’s defense was against UTSA on Wednesday, I don’t see them letting this game go. Even though it’s winter break and Christmas is just a few days away, they shouldn’t have too much trouble with this win. Delaware State is bad and probably the worst team they will see this season.

University of Nebraska 87 Delaware State University 63

Just for good measure, here is a pic of Delawares most favorite resident

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