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Nebraska Recruiting: Get Your Early Signing Day News Here (Updated 3:50PM)

Updates on the Letters of Intent as They Roll In


Good morning true believers! And also doubting harrumphers and hawkeye trolls too, I suppose. Are you excited for EARLY SIGNING DAY???? We’re running on adrenaline, gin, coffee, and high fructose corn syrup here in the Corn Nation press room. The entire recruiting staff (and my dog Jack) is standing by to give you loyal fans up to the minute coverage. Remember, Early Signing Day is a three day period. The recruits have until Friday at midnight to send in their Letter of Intent (LOI). If a fax doesn’t come in by 9am, all is not lost.

husker staff anxious for ‘crootin news

Bookmark this article as it will be updated when committed recruits fax LOI’s.


Deontai Williams and Barrett Pickering have signed with the Huskers.

I do like that tie.


Katerian Legrone has signed with the Huskers. Read about him and see his highlights here.


Tight end recruit Javian Hawkins has decided to wait until February to sign. This is good news for the Huskers, as his crystal balls were leaning towards Missouri if he signed today.


Will Farniok has signed his LOI. With those silky locks, perhaps he can vanquish dragons and rescue damsels when he’s not in the weight room.

Great news! WR/TE Legrone’s commit has moved our class ranking to 39, 2 spots ahead of Hawkeyes!


David Alston and Cameron Jurgens have signed their LOI’s. Jurgens is laid up, he’s recovering from a broken femur. I didn’t know that.


After a reported crisis of conscience, about a Bobby Petrino coached team no less, Marcus Riley has signed with Louisville.


QB Adrian Martinez has signed his LOI to Nebraska.

****Update 11:00AM****

The tension and excitement of Early Signing Day have taken their toll on the Corn Nation Recruiting Staff:

****Update 12:15PM****

JUCO RB Greg Bell has announced he’s signing with the huskers!

WR recruit Cameron Brown has committed to the Buckeyes, as expected.

****Update 1:21PM****


WR commit Justin McGriff will be signing Friday in a ceremony at his school. He is solid Huskers. DB commit C.J. Smith will sign in February for the same reason, a big ceremony that his school puts on.

****Update 2:40PM****

DE commit Tate Wildeman has signed his LOI. Jack has gotten bored with recruiting news, and is barking at the horses on the Christmas movie my wife is watching.

****Update 3:23PM****

JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard still hasn’t signed his LOI. I don’t know how many times I can watch the Christmas Prince in a row here. Hurry it up!

****Update 3:45PM****

Yet again the adopted son of the King of Aldovia gets to take the throne and kisses the plucky American reporter. C’monnnnnn, sign the cussed thing.

****Update 3:50PM****

Thank the good Lord! Jaron Woodyard has signed his LOI! AND, it’s even with the Huskers!

That should be all the recruiting updates for today. Compare and contrast at length in the comments. GBR!!!!