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‘Twas the Weekend Before Signing Day (Updated Saturday 2:20pm)

A Look at the Visitor List this weekend


‘Twas the weekend before early signing day, and all through the TomandNancyOsborneAthleticComplex......

Well, I imagine people will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off, making sure this critical weekend runs smoothly for the visiting recruits. If you are a poet, you may publish your best effort in the comments.

It’s the last weekend before the new Early Signing Period. Once considered an improvement, the early signing period is now an extra obstacle for Fearless Leader Scott Frost and other new coaching hires trying to salvage recruiting classes. Most teams are attempting to fill 75% of their recruiting class early. This adds extra pressure to the newly hired coach, especially when attempting to facilitate a change in system on offense. These visits are key to filling a class with quality players rather than warm bodies.

This is shaping up to big a big recruiting weekend. Here are the scheduled official visits for this weekend that I have found. I will attempt to keep this article updated as further information becomes available.

Tate Wildeman, committed 4 star WDE from Colorado.

Javian Hawkins, an all-purpose back from Florida. A current Louisville commit, he lists an eye-popping 4.36 40! #speeeeed

Cam’ron Jones, hard-hitting safety recruit from Texas.

Jordan Allen, 3 star JUCO DE prospect from City College of San Francisco.

Messiah Swinson, 3 star 6’8”! TE out of NY. Height and speed are focus of Frost’s offer list.

Daniel Carson, SDE has moved his visit to January.

Katerian Legrone, 3 star TE from Georgia, current UCF commit.

Dominick Watt, 3 star WR out of Florida.

Marcus Riley, 3 star ATH out of Florida. A Louisville commit, he projects as a slot receiver.

****Update, Friday 10:00 AM****

Will Honas, JUCO ILB from Garden City CC in Kansas, will make the trip. It’s between Nebraska and Kansas State (where his brother is a student) for Honas.

****Update, 11:45 AM****

Tyrese Ross, Safety and Mississippi State decommit, is rumored to be visiting, but I’m still trying to confirm this.

****Update, 8:20PM****

Daniel Carson appears to be making the trip after all. A pass-rushing DE who can still set the edge. Good news.

Jordan Allen appears to be visiting Arizona State, who doesn’t have an OC, or a DC, but does have an out-of-touch new coach who didn’t even know what a game jersey looks like today. But I’m not bitter...

****Update, 9:23PM****

Deontai Williams is a JUCO hybrid nickel/cover corner and recent Florida decommit. He’s a hard hitter who wants to sign in December and enroll in January. He has three years to play three. Expect things to move quickly here as this is an area of need and Williams want to wrap things up this weekend.

****Update Saturday 2:20pm****

Jordan Allen is in Tennessee on an official visit. Vols coach Jeremy Pruitt and Fearless Leader Scott Frost are going head to head on a bunch of guys.

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