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Nebraska Football: Scott Frost’s Coaching Ironman

Coaching for two: How’s this going to work?

AAC Championship - Memphis v Central Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Good afternoon everyone! As many of you know, Nebraska hired UCF’s former head coach, Scott Frost, to the same position. We also know that Frost intended to finish the drill, as it were, and coach the Knights against Auburn in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl.

We now have the details on how this will work.

  1. Coaching Titles: Scott Frost is the “Game Day Head Coach”. Troy Walters is the “Interim Head Coach” who steps in when Frost is detained for Nebraska duties. Josh Heupel is the “Current Head Coach” who is now focused on UCF recruiting and will delightfully share an office with the staff currently trying to poach UCF’s own recruits. Clear as mud, yeah?
  2. UCF is paying 51% of Frost’s salary for the month of December, while Nebraska will pay 49%. I do not know if this means his UCF or Nebraska salary. If we assume each is paying a portion of their own salaries, Frost will make $85k from UCF and $204k from Nebraska. I think we can clearly illustrate the resource differences between the two schools with this point.
  3. The recruiting dead period starts December 18th and runs through January 11th. We’ll have a better explanation of this soon, but effectively, Frost and staff cannot be out recruiting. As such, expect the staff to leave next week for Orlando and stay there through the bowl game. Some of them will stay behind briefly to manage Recruitmas (the new early signing period) but should then follow Frost and crew to Orlando.
  4. The Peach Bowl is on January 1st. UCF has 15 bowl practices they can hold, with the first three this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. No idea when the rest will be held, but the calendar below illustrates a possible break down. They have noted that the players will get some time off for the holidays. With no 2018 season to prepare for, expect UCF to use all of their practices to prepare for Auburn.
  5. Despite these practices, Scott Frost and his staff are still hot on the recruiting trail. Frost himself flew to Fresno, California, last night to meet with QB prospect Adrian Martinez. He then flew back to Orlando for UCF bowl practices this morning. He’d get better sleep if he was home with his son. Nebraska’s coaches will all be in town for the last recruiting weekend of 2017 (more on this later). There is also some sort of walk-on convention happening tonight though I’m not sure who on staff will be on hand for that.
  6. Once the bowl game is over, Frost will officially part ways with UCF and his staff will become full time employees at Nebraska. Expect Barrett Ruud to be announced as LB coach at that time. Winter conditioning will start soon after.

Sounds horrible.

Anywho, here’s a calendar to keep the next few weeks straight. There are just a couple of liberties taken as I don’t actually have access to Frost’s day planner. But in general, the spirit is right.

A whee bit busy, and a new-born Frost to boot. Good luck to our coaches!