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Frosted Flakes: Scott Frost Brings Relief, A Young Woman With A Lot of Courage

How’d you feel when Frost was hired? And one of our young athletes showed tremendous courage yesterday.

Scott Frost Nebraska

I never really shared as to how I felt when the Scott Frost hiring became official. I did relate for a couple weeks before the official news was released that I wouldn't trust it was a "done deal" until I saw Frost being introduced at a press conference at the University of Nebraska". I wasn’t wrong. You can go back to quotes from Frost's introductory presser and get a feeling for how hard the decision was for him to come to Nebraska. This is been rehashed in our comments section, possibly to death, but there were a lot of reasons for Frost to choose another job or to stay at UCF.

In a word, I felt relieved. Not excited. Relieved.

I'm sure I pay more attention to college football across the nation than 99% of Nebraska fans. I followed the Tennessee meltdown very closely. A power struggle. And athletic director thrown out after only eight months on the job in favor of another man, a former coach, who was also dismissed earlier in his career because of a power struggle. A fan base ready to light itself on fire with the match being provided by one of the biggest jackasses in college football. Coaches turning down the job left and right until finally, they decide to hire Jeremy Pruitt, Alabama's defensive coordinator, and he decided to take the job.

Florida State drove themselves insane for a few days because Jimbo Fisher wouldn't declare openly that he was not going to Texas A&M. Fisher ended up going before the last game of the season AND getting the most ludicrous contract in college football history from Texas A&M – $75 million guaranteed. That is insane money and is reflective of how badly the Aggies want to win.

Florida State ended up with Willie Taggart, after Taggart had spent a single season at Oregon. You can't blame Taggart for taking the job – He’s heading back home AND Florida State is one of the premier programs in the nation.

I have no idea what Arizona State was thinking in hiring Herm Edwards. No idea whatsoever. Things were weird and probably get weirder.

I prayed that Nebraska would get Scott Frost. It isn't because I think that Frost is the second coming of Tom Osborne. Frost doesn't need to be the second coming; he needs to be the first coming of himself. We need to recognize that. More on that later.

I could not imagine what would happen to our fan base had Scott Frost chosen another direction. Would Nebraskans have accepted Justin Fuente as their coach? I am thankful that we do not have to answer that question.

I like being here. It's very difficult writing for CornNation sometimes. I run out of ideas. Sometimes I publish stuff when I'm not at my best. Everyone goes insane after a loss. The offseasons are extremely long. But in the end, I'm still here. And I still like it.

If Nebraska's fan base would've gone through meltdown that was anywhere close to what happened at Tennessee I probably would've had to quit this place. I don't think I could've handled the stress. It's not that it would've been life-threatening; it would have teetered over the brink when you consider the value of being here versus not being here.

Scott Frost is Nebraska's coach. Thank God for that.

In fall of 2016 I was going through speech language pathology therapy to recover from my brain injury. Part of that process involves going through a "neuropsych evaluation". It's a series of cognitive tests to determine specifically what is wrong with your brain. It also involves an interview questionnaires. I'll spare you most the details – that of my final evaluation the neuropsychologist said that I show signs of depression and apathy.

"I'm not depressed. I've probably been never less depressed in my entire life."

That answer is true. The apathy on the other hand remains a problem. I'm not nearly as ambitious as I used to be. I struggle with it. He recommended I see a doctor. I told him I'd take it under advisement.

As I drove home, I thought about it. I did not want to see a doctor. As a society we've come a long way in dealing with mental illness, but there remains the stigma attached to seeing a psychiatrist. I wondered if that was the real reason as to why I did not. People might think you're "crazy." Once you get labeled like that, it never goes away. They may not say it your face, but they are certainly thinking about it.

That's why it takes a lot of courage to do what this young lady did yesterday - admit depression publicly. That takes a lot of guts – a lot of courage. Applause to you Olivia Boender.


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