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Friday Night Thread Of Waiting...

Join us in waiting. Waiting. And Watching. And Waiting.

USC v Boston College Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Thread of waiting?



Nebraska plays in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament against Stony Brook. The game is televised on NET within the state of Nebraska, and streamed on BTN2GO everywhere else.

The volleyball game will start 20 minutes after the conclusion of Washington State vs Florida State. So we’ll be waiting for that to start.

The Pac-12 Championship game is tonight:

Stanford vs USC - 7:00 pm - ESPN

But.. there probably isn’t a lot of interest in that game.

So we’ll be WAITING for tomorrow’s championship games because they will be exciting and eventful.

I keep thinking there’s something else we’re WAITING for, but my old feeble mind is slipping...