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Help Us Get Bob Diaco A Microphone

Okay guys, can we talk about the elephant in the room? It’s Bob Diaco. Well, more specifically, Bob Diaco’s microphone. Well, more specifically than that, Bob Diaco’s lack of a REAL gotdamn microphone.

Now, one might think that maybe he doesn’t know how to use one and that’s why he prefers the handheld lavalier mic. Here’s the trouble with that theory though - I’ve done my due diligence and I found PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence that he does know how to use one.

Exhibit A

Actually, he can use several at once. So why now? Why is now the time that he has regressed to a handheld lapel mic? Does he think that it makes his hands look bigger? Are having big hands important to him? I doubt it. I think what it is , is that he’s poor. Not only is he poor but the university is poor. And clearly every gotdamn media outlet is poor AND FOR FU*& SAKE CAN WE JUST GET HIM A MIC ALREADY.

So let’s help them.

I’ve started a Go Fund Me account, linked above, to raise money to get Bob Diaco a microphone. In the event that we can make this happen and do better than expected any extra money we receive will be donated to Team Jack.

So please Donate, a good football program starts with a good microphone and a good microphone starts with a $250 Go Fund Me campaign. Make a difference today.

If you want to keep up with #MicGate or #GetADiacoAMic you can follow us on Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE

On Behalf of Coach Diaco (well I’m assuming he’ll like this), Go Big Red!