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Big Red Cobcast: The Frustration Of The Fan

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In a sense, I feel sorry for Mike Riley. He wasn’t really given a chance - 3 seasons when it’s all said and done. There were screams of “fire him” after 3 or 4 games, and an unrelenting question of who was better, him or Bo.

I think the hardest challenge for any new coach coming in is going to be the baggage that the fans carry with them. It’s a hard obstacle to overcome. Imagine for a second, that girl (or boy - you do you) that you dated in college who was coming off of a relationship with some type of shit head. Whether it was a lazy shithead, or a cocky shithead or a shithead that called everybody, “cunts”. Regardless the type, they had their own issues that they brought along to you. Now add millions of dollars, everything being aired out on National Television and the world telling you their opinion of your relationship.

That’s what it’s gonna be like for our next head coach.

I can’t really blame the fans for their outcries. If this was a real business - it’d be giving away 50% off tickets every weekend. It certainly wouldn’t be raising the prices and remodeling a room that no one needed. This imaginary business would be lucky not to be forced to close it’s doors forever. That’s how typical businesses work. The price represents the product.

The fans are frustrated, the players are frustrated, the local businesses are frustrated. The only people who don’t seem frustrated are the coaches and the multi million dollar money machine. They seem fine. I wonder how long until they run another poll asking “how I feel about the concessions”. The answer is, I don’t “feel about concessions” because I don’t go to games. I can’t afford to pay BMW money for a rusted out El Camino. That’s just being a bad consumer.

I don’t know what the answer is. I certainly don’t know who our next coach should be but if I was the University Nebraska Football program and had any integrity what so ever - I would do everything in my power to fix this program. Or I’d give all my customers their money back.

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