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Week 11 Cobs

Fans behaving badly, THE Ohio State, and drunk announcers

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Ohio State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Nominee #1 - @DannyRichter - Listen up chuckleheads who tweet at players. KNOCK IT OFF. This particular no-talent assclown tweeted to DB Chris Jones. I’m screenshotting and linking it in case he suddenly grows a moral compass.

We prefer to that our cob nominations be more schadenfreude and less outright moral degeneration. But in this case, this week, I’m making an exception. This is social media equivalent of drinking and driving and I’m wearing mirrored sunglasses. If you can’t handle a Husker loss without tweeting smack at players you have a problem that likely doesn’t start nor end with your thumbs. Get some f’ing help.

Nominee #2 - THE Ohio State Buckeyes - The #6 team in the nation and the Big Ten’s best shot at a College Football Playoff slot got pants’d by Iowa 55-24 in front of a full house at Kinnick Stadium and several hundred delighted kids and parents. The last time anyone hung half a hundred on THE OSU was back when Nebraska only had 2 national championship trophies. It was Urban Meyer’s worst loss of his career. Twitter, of course, was nuanced its response.

The look on Urbz face looks kinda familar. Where have I seen...oh wait.

Getty Images

Also noteworthy in this game...up 31-17 Ferentz called a fake punt. One play later it’s 38-17 and the rout is on. I’m really amazed that OSU fell for this. For starters, punting from your 30-yard line is a waste of a down. OSU should have seen this coming from a mile away.

Nominee #3 - Penn State - With the Buckeye loss, Penn State was back in front for the East Division title and a shot at the CFP. All they had to do was win. Sparty had other plans. In a game that was weather delayed for about 17 hours. I checked with my daughter who is in AP Calculus and kinda smart at math, and she tried to figure out the mess that the Big Ten standings are in. Her assessment was that Michigan State is now the only team in the East that controls it’s own destiny. They also play at Ohio State next week, which is, as I mentioned, smarting from an Iowa-based ass whuppin’.

Nominee #4 - This drunk ESPN announcer - I don’t know what to say, other than this announcer (still looking for a name, so add it in the comments if you know) thinks Auburn is in the SEC East. I would be normally be shocked that someone would be this ignorant of their own job, but then I remember who’s in the White House.


Your turn. Who gets the Cob of the Week?

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