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Mike Riley Weekly News Conference Recap: Luke Gifford and Zach Darlington Still Out

Injuries were the news of the day.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Mike Riley’s weekly news conference, the Big Ten announced that kickoff times for November 18 games would not be determined until next weekend. Under the Big Ten’s television agreement with ESPN and Fox, the networks have the option to occasionally defer their selections until six days before kickoff. And since the TV networks haven’t used their six day window yet this season, they are using it on the final weekend. (Why this rule still exists is something I just don’t understand in this day and age when schools are trying to find ways to better accommodate the fan experience.)

Besides Nebraska at Penn State, the other games of the day are Michigan at Wisconsin, Rutgers at Indiana, Maryland at Michigan State, Illinois at Ohio State, Purdue at Iowa and Minnesota at Northwestern. The Big Ten did announce that no games will be in primetime that day.

Injuries were the news of the day, probably because answers to the big questions probably aren’t coming for a while:

Depth at linebacker appears to be a huge issue with Chris Weber, Luke Gifford and Tyrin Ferguson all potentially being unable to play this weekend.

Here’s one crazy idea that came up today in response to injuries.

Of course, wide receiver depth has also been an issue this season as well; I’m not sure what this might accomplish, other than helping rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Honestly, I’m not sure what else he can say at this point.

Might as well add that... Now to the elephant in the room.

We’ll leave it to you to speculate about the topics that Bill Moos discussed with Mike Riley in the comments below.

Back to the depth chart, Riley finally confirmed something that everybody has seen over the last month.

There you have it... it was a pretty light news conference. Is everybody just kind of waiting for real news in a couple of weeks?