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Corn Flakes: Big Ten Exploderations and A Reminder To Love Each Other

The Big Ten just blew itself up this past weekend, and you all need to take care of each other because that makes the world a better place.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


What an explosive weekend for the Big Ten conference.

Iowa didn't just annihilate Ohio State on the scoreboard, but it showed why the Buckeyes don't deserve to be in the College Football Playoff at all. I wondered if Iowa could do that – they came so close against Penn State and it seemed like they were due for a big game.

And they were.

You realize that Sparty is now atop the Big Ten East. They are at 5 – 1 along with Ohio State, where Penn State is at 4 – 2. Like I said on Friday, it's November and all sorts of things are going to happen.

Now the Big Ten is left with one team – Wisconsin – and you have to wonder if they are really that good. Alex Hornbibrook made some throws against Indiana that I didn't honestly think he could make. I'm still skeptical about the Badgers and whether or not they are actually one of the top four teams in the nation. But, they are the Big Ten's only hope at this point – this conference is not the SEC where there are one or two top teams – this conference beats the hell out of itself and it has done this for years.

Look at how many national titles the Big Ten conference won from 1947 to 1965. There are nearly zero, unless you count all the stupid national title references that people add-on later because they are liars (Alabama). For years, there were only two national titles accepted, the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI). Now there are many made up titles because people have this need to have their "system" recognized by someone. Clearly Alabama bought into this because they would've accepted a whore's commentary on the amount of people she was servicing at the time at which said national title was being earned. I digress.

The Big Ten exploded itself this weekend, and it's only the first weekend of November. surely (don't call me Shirley) exciting things are going to happen for the rest of the month.

Is Mike Riley done?

I think he was done when Sean Eichorst was fired. I think Mike (my own Mike) made that clear when he posted our discussion about stuff from our Slack room yesterday on his report card. Do I swear a lot? Yes I do.

I use the F word a lot – and there is a reason for this. I consider using the name of God a profanity, which it is, when you actually look at the definition of profanity or to "profane". There is no "Jesus Christ" or "God damn" in my writing or in my tweets. It's usually just the F word. I don't use racial slurs in my regular language on a day-to-day basis nor do I call women either of the two words that most people seem to favor, including our former football coach. I feel that if you use these words in private, that you will sooner or later use them in public and since I am a consultant it could cost me a customer, or more importantly, my career. I’ve instructed my children the same. Do not use slurs nor language that you do not intend even among friends – because at some point it will cost you.

I am telling you this so that you understand why I'm so vulgar, but at the same time why I better than all of you. (HAHAHAHHA)

It's a beautiful Monday, remember to tell people in your lives that you love them. It's not going to be an easy November for Nebraska fans, Unless we recognize that there is joy and beauty in this world despite the fact that our football team is not very good.

I love you, and thank you for being part of Corn Nation.


A story on how Shawn Eichorst and Mike Riley tried - and failed - to rebuild Husker Football : Huskers

I could get “it’s not TO or Dan Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy) – this person has more pull than either of them". While the content of what was said is unknown they did admit – it was one way, and it was heated. Brutal. “I’ve got to give him credit – he took it, nodded and walked away”. That would be the last they saw of Shawn Eichorst in that part of Memorial Stadium as he walked out another door towards where the media was assembled.

Reddit has to be one of the worst sites on the internets. It is a rabbit hole, an

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Humans. Man... maybe we should be taken over by AI