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Scott Frost To Nebraska Becomes More Clear

Not quite there yet.. but it does sound like Frost is saying goodbye to UCF

UFC Knights v Navy Midshipmen Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel had Scott Frost on his weekly radio show, and then wrote a column about Frost’s comments, concluding that...

As Frost answered those questions, it felt almost as if he he was saying goodbye to Orlando — a goodbye that is coming way too quickly.

Bianchi pointed out that Frost was emotional during his comments...

Frost made a couple of emotional, heartfelt comments that make it seem likely he will announce his decision to leave sometime after Saturday’s monumental American Athletic Conference Championship Game between unbeaten and 14th-ranked UCF and once-beaten and 20th-ranked Memphis.

Especially when it came to feeling good about choosing to coach at UCF and how great that community has been to him:

“I’m glad that I was the one to help get this place back to where it should be. This place should compete for conference championships every year because of what it is. People in this community have been so great to me with the birth of my child, and I can’t tell you how many bouquets and gifts and phone calls we got. I’ll always cherish the decision I made to come down here. I’ll be a UCF guy the rest of my life.”

There are a couple other quotes in that article, such as when Bianchi asked him about the Nebraska job being open, but you should go look at the article. I’m not gonna steal all the guy’s stuff. Ha!

Is this exciting Frost news or what?

I’m still the guy that will believe it’s a done deal when there’s a press conference announcing him as the next Nebraska football coach, but if it’s reached the point that those in Orlando have concluded he’s leaving then the path has become more clear.

Again, I wouldn’t expect something sooner than Sunday. Notice the word “EXPECT”.

If this does happen, I’m sure we’ll all be overcome with joy. If it does not, we’ll all be apopletic and tear the state apart. Here’s hoping and hoping for the former.