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It’s the BATTLE FOR NU - if Nebraska loses, we have to use a lowercase ‘nu’ for the rest of the year.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports



HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I though Halloween was over and yet here we are facing one of the scariest scenerio’s imaginable. Losing to (REDACTED) Northwestern!

Maybe this is worse for me because my ex wife is an Alum. But we should all be angry that we are even considering losing to this Nerd school! (That said, I hope both of my kids get full scholarships to attend).

Enough intro. It doesn’t take a Northwestern grad to figure out the..


  1. Recent History- It seems like every time we play Northwestern it is a close game, no matter what. Why would this stupid season be any different? And if the Riley years have taught us anything it’s that we know how to lose the close ones. (Yes we win a few too, but it’s those losses that stick).
  2. Extremely recent history- Both the Huskers and the Wildcats pulled out last minute victories last week but for the purposes of this article I’m going to say we got lucky and they are a team on the rise based on outcomes in the games last week.
  3. Chaos- No matter how professional this staff is or how much the players say they are blocking out distractions, the unsettled situation with the coaching situation has to be a burden to the team. This week it takes it’s toll.
  4. Two yards per carry- I may be off on the stats but this seems like about right for our running game lately. If it keeps up it will keep us down.
  5. It’s Bookie’s fault- So everyone’s favorite future Husker de-committed this week. If he isn’t going to play for us I at least want to blame him for something, right?