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College Football Sees Twitter Weaponized Because We Are All Insane

No one will stand up against this. No one will care.

Insane Clown Posse Fans, Or Juggalos, Protest FBI Gang Designation Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

We’re now in what is called the “silly season” of college football. Coaches are fired, and hirings begin with fans trying to watch for every possible sign of their favorite next coach being hired, whether that be by tracking plane flights through Flightaware, social media photos of celeb coaches, athletic directors or anyone that looks like them at airports, you name it.

I’m watching what’s going on... Sunday I spent the entire day watching twitter for updates, and smoking a turkey. Well, okay, I spent a couple hours smoking the turkey because we go to our neighbors place for Thanksgiving, and she makes the turkey so my house doesn’t have leftovers. Turkey is 79 cents a pound at Cub Foods - around Thanksgiving - that is remarkably cheap for meat. We typically buy a couple of them at least, so I can freeze them and smoke them later. I also happen to be that guy who uses the carcass to make soup.


This is what I woke up to.

Wooooooooo Scott Frost.

Seriously. About this - there are about, oh, maybe 3-5 people who know what’s happening with Frost. Maybe (MAYBE) his parents. Maybe (MAYBE) Bill Moos. Maybe a lawyer. No one else. This is a deal worth millions - so who is going to screw it up? Hopefully nobody by talking about it.

So screw your contacts. They know NOTHING. These “done deal” things are coming from a select source of people. And they don’t know either, they’re just well connected and hopeful.

Todd Graham at Arizona State was fired... and look at the deal he gets!

And then there was this stupid crap about Tom Osborne calling Scott Frost, telling him it was time to “come home”

Update at Florida - Sunday November 26 - FootballScoop

While that still might happen, a source told FootballScoop last night, Tom Osborne called Frost yesterday and told him it was time to come home. We were told Frost understood the message.

These are the same people who said Nebraska was going to hire BERT the last time around... that article references this tweet by NFL dude Gil Brandt.

I remember this tweet because my response to Brandt was very specific. I told him to go fuck himself, because this is just an incredibly dumb tweet from a guy who is well known and respected, and obviously doing BERT’s agent a favor.

I digress. Back to yesterday...

That tweet about Osborne lead to denials by Osborne in Nebraska’s media because Sipp always has OZ on speed dial.


This happened:

Because this happened before that did:

And this:

And well this did too.

If that ain’t all... because there are idiots in athletic departments signing contracts all over the place. I’m not talking about Sumlin here... I’m talking about an Athletic Director being out-maneuvered and crushed while bargaining.

Then something happened at Tennessee. They tried to hire Greg Schiano. Then everything exploded.

Tennessee has a big rock where they can write wrong things that need to be righted.

Some see this as a smoke screen. Morality over coaching. We’ll come back to this.

Florida found their coach.

Mississippi State acknowledge that Mullen is in fact leaving.. for another SEC school. That is crazy in itself.

Then the whole Schiano to Tennessee thing blew up in their faces.

Meanwhile, the CFL Grey Cup happened and it was fun and exciting!

Lookit here!

I came up with our prayer for the week. Or year. Or our lives.

Mullen is headed to Florida. Nice looking family.

But let’s go back.

Why did this whole Tennessee thing happen?

It happened because one guy, already a questionable dirtbag, decided that he’d like to throw some bullshit on the situation. “May Have” is the key phrase here. “MAY HAVE” killed five hookers. It’s about the same thing.

What we’re seeing here is the same thing that’s happened in politics. People tweet stuff that is partially true (MAYBE), but contains just enough bullshit for people to go batshit insane. They have destroyed themselves over a perceived morality play.

Is Schiano a guy who “may have” covered up child rape. Yes, he MAY HAVE. Then again, probably not. Read the following by Dan Wetzel, who covered the Penn State Sandusky issues closerly.

Backlash spurs Tennessee to renege on offer to Greg Schiano

In their effort to keep Tennessee from hiring Greg Schiano, fans dug up allegations tying him to the Penn State-Sandusky scandal — claims that were never proven.

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, just search for the word “deposition”. Schiano is mentioned. That’s it. That’s like you being a potential suspect in a murder case because your neighor was murdered and you once yelled at him because his dog pooped in your yard.

That ass that tweeted this stuff has not deleted them. Why? Because he knows that it only makes him more famous. He wants that Skip Bayless money. It doesn’t matter if what he says is true or not... things “may have” happened. If there’s a riot, all the better. Fame, fortune, money. That’s what counts.

Twitter is now weaponized, just like in politics, for college football. Just like our current POTUS who tweets bullshit. If you’re on his side, you’re all for it. If you’re not, then he’s a liar.

Nobody really cares anymore what the truth is, they just use it for their personal gain, especially the people who understand that there is this place on earth where no one cares where your soul is, they only care at what level Mercedes you drive and how big your house is.

You might be thinking... well, that’s the South. They’re all crazy there. That can’t happen to us. You might think the same about Tennessee. Or Florida.

You’d like to think we were better than this as humans. We are not.

There is nothing new under the sun ( Ecclesiastes 1:9).

We are the same humans we’ve always been, willing to throw people to the lions and fight each other for our entertainment. Perhaps this is not shocking, but it is sad.

It is sad that one jackass has turned college football into this. Now more will follow. And no one will care.