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Mike Riley Press Conference: This Is What Class Looks Like

How many people, coaches or otherwise, actually go back and speak kindly about the person that just fired them?

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Mike Riley came in and did his press conference after Bill Moos was done talking. That’s class. He even joked about it.

And Riley gets this for a question, apparently from a student reporter.

It’s a little crude. Well, it’s pretty crude. You might ask that later if you get the chance, just not at a press conference.

Think about this next statement. It’s a testament to both Riley AND Moos as being professionals. This is actually exciting going forward.

Again, class.

I’d agree with this. We can argue about whether Riley left the program better than he found it.

So... I guess there won’t be an audio tape later where he calls his athletic director nasty names?

Putting this here just because:

About the future and recruiting. Which reminds, me, CN needs someone to write about recruiting going forward.

Who does this?

I was fired a little while ago by a long term client. I put my fists through the bathroom wall initially, but a week later I went out to dinner with them to say goodbye.

Regarding Riley the man, from our good friend Erin.

From Keyshawn Jr.

And a volleyball player that might have been kinda good...

And finally, from Riley hisself.