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Bill Moos Press Conference: The Jedi Master Speaks

Bill Moos is about as smooth an AD as you’re ever going to see.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I hope you all had a chance to watch the Bill Moos press conference regarding the firing of Mike Riley.

He made some statements about Nebraska football, but his mastery of standing in front of a group came during the question and answer session. There were so many beautiful sound bites from a man who deflected questions and talked a lot without really giving anything away just like Darth Vader (or Obi Wan, if you’re not a Dark Side guy) averting laser blaster shots.

There was so much here, I’m just gonna use tweets to try to get this out there. There will be tons of articles on this, analyzing every word. This man will have you eating out of his hand for his tenure at Nebraska, and LOOK AT THIS. BARFY LIKES HIM RIGHT OFF THE BAT!

About firing Mike Riley.

Speaking of smooth, here’s a question about how he felt watching the second half of the Iowa game yesterday. He did also talk about how he felt bad for the seniors, because that is “the last taste they will have in their mouths.”

How’s this going to happen? Well, if any of the coaches come back, i.e., John Parrella, Donte Williams, it will be at the behest of the new coach, whomever that might be.


Moos said he had a list of six candidates. He also stated he has no priority.

Moos was asked about what style of offense he’d like to see a Big Ten team run. His answer?

“A winning style”, then a laugh. He talked about how there are people who believe you cannot throw the ball and win, and he did not agree with that. He did talk about his favorite style of offense, but keep in mind that whatever offense we run has to match the new coaches’ style as well.

Moos makes comments like this, and who can disagree with this?

Prediction: Bill Moos will be a Nebraska governor if he wants.

“That SEC, they eat their young”, when talking about Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M. Hey... maybe a message to some guy who Moos is competing with with regards to coaching at Nebraska vs the SEC.

Moos talked about how he didn’t have much time to get to know the staff, but had known Trent Bray for some time, that being a reason that Bray was retained as interim coach. Makes perfect sense.

Woooeeee. Just think, it might be a week before we get a head coach announcement. Imagine all the rumors.

And then there’s this that will make those in the Tradition Coalition very happy. Very happy. As in, life as we know it cannot go on without Tom Osborne being involved somewhere in Nebraska football.

Then Mike Riley does a press conference, and he gets this, after all the crap he’s been through: