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Tweetcap: Reactions to Mike Riley’s Firing as Nebraska Football Coach

Resignation and not anger mark Coach Riley’s departure as the Huskers head man. Jill even manages to include a bad Star Wars rewrite (Sorry. Not sorry)

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

As expected, Twitter was filled with reactions to Mike Riley’s dismissal. Also as expected, there was not a lot of drama or anger. As they might say in a Star Wars episode, “the resignation runs deep with this one...”

This tweet was posted after the Iowa loss and not after Mike Riley’s firing, but it is good to see one of the players express this sentiment. Ben Stille was one of the bright spots and it will be up to players like him to ensure that the buy-in and effort are there from the start for the next coach.

Players talking to the media are saying largely the right things. There seems to be a desire to move forward.

Calabasas weighs in....

Mike Riley got to talk to the players after the news was announced.

Even though he has to be very disappointed, Mike Riley (as we expected) is handling his dismissal with class. He encouraged players to stay at Nebraska.

The athletic director earned an endorsement from one of the team captains.

Best way to end an uncomfortable interview. Ever. #LinemanArePeopleToo

Well, this does seem fitting even though Coach Riley’s tenure did not end in “the triumph of high achievement”.

A Husker recruit weighs in.

As does a former player.

This speaks for itself.

Even Bob Diaco, who wasn’t known for great interviews while at Nebraska, kept it simple and classy.

*Update 2:00 pm (more tweets added)