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Nebraska Football vs Iowa: THE MORNING AFTER

The title of this piece brings back a memory I’d rather forget. Kind of like this season.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Every time I see the headline on these articles, “The Morning After”, I think of this song by Maureen McGovern that was the title song of the movie “The Poseidon Adventure”, where a cruise ship capsizes in a storm. We get to see who lives and who dies as a small band of those who survived the initial carnage try to figure out how they’re going to live all the while struggling with each other’s inadequacies and fears.

It’s quite a cast... Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Earnest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Stella Stevens (woohooo!), Jack Albertson, and Leslie Nielsen before he became the Leslie Neilsen you know and love.

Like way too many 70s songs, It’s sappy, gooey, icky, and I hate that I can recall it like too much other music I’d rather forget. Maybe I should have come up with an article series called “All Along The WatchTower” or “Eve of Destruction”...

It seems to fit today, however. Here you can basically see the entire movie in 2:21. Yay.

Chatelain: Huskers find an even deeper rock bottom with unspeakable loss to Iowa

On a day when the Huskers should’ve fought like crazy for their head coach — and their pride — they collapsed again as chants of “Let’s go, Hawks” echoed across this once-hallowed home turf.

You had to be thinking the same thing... that this team would have done more than get run over in the second half. It’s almost as some of them just wanted everything to end. Maybe they did. Maybe we’ll find that out years later.

Bleak Friday and a Blueprint for Getting Nebraska Football Back | Hail Varsity

But for now you can let those 1,290 rushing yards in 2017 stand as a bleak reminder of just how far back the Huskers have to climb from this 2017 season and, really, the cumulative effect of the past 16 seasons. This is not a style of play or offensive scheme discussion. Numbers like that are just poles at the opposite end of the spectrum representing what Husker fans have seen Nebraska football be and what it is right now.

Leave it to Brandon to stick numbers and information into his bit rather than relying on pure emotion. He has a very sad comparison to past teams in terms of performance. Good job, Brandon!

Shatel: Another head-shaking Husker loss should serve as Mike Riley's farewell

Has there been a sadder scene at Memorial Stadium? As Iowa fans chanted “Let’s go Hawks” and Husker fans headed for the exits … as Iowa piled up 42 points in the second half … as the Hawkeyes shoved NU around … as Omaha South grad Noah Fant caught two touchdown passes ... Nebraska bid farewell to a good man.

In terms of real sadness, there was that punt formation where Mike Foltz just wasn’t there anymore... but in terms of sadness about us, the fans, Shatel is correct.

Players remain firm in their support for Coach Riley and the impact he has made in their lives | Football |

What's not in doubt is support from many of the Husker players. Drew Brown called Riley an "amazing man." The Nebraska kicker believes Riley could use more time.

It’s understandable that players would support their coach. You could chalk it up to Stockholm Syndrome, but that’s a little too easy. Plus it’s a put off. We don’t know what they dealt with every day. It’s best to accept what they’re saying and move on without throwing insults in their direction.

BTW, I believe Tanner Lee is going to have a much better future than anyone wants to admit right now. I’m not sure what he’ll do next season, but he has the skills to become a NFL quarterback. The NFL is desperate for quarterbacks, and they tend to discount what happened in college, but instead rely on their own testing.

Barfknecht: As speculation about his future builds, Scott Frost eyes only a championship at UCF

Heated speculation about Nebraska, the alma mater for the Wood River, Nebraska, product, also percolates. Frost said he has a method for dealing with such information, regardless of the school mentioned.

“Probably in the next 24 hours,’’ he said, “I’ll get rid of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.’’

I think getting rid of these things is a smart move regardless of whether you’re involved in a coaching search. This will take some time, you realize. It will not happen immediately and you should go on with your lives, no waiting, because you have otehr things to do, like smoke a turkey or clean the garage before winter really sets in, or binge watch the rest of Stranger Things 2.

Steven M. Sipple: After awkward Friday, Huskers likely face awkward wait for Frost decision | Column |

By the way, awkward is the best way to describe Friday. It's also going to be the best way to describe the coming week, as reports and rumors about Scott Frost's coaching future continue to surface. At this point, I'll believe he's Nebraska's next head coach when he's standing somewhere inside Memorial Stadium in a suit answering reporters' questions.

I’m with Sipp on this. Is Frost coming? Is he not? WHEN WILL THIS BE ANNOUNCED? It will happen (or not) relatively soon. Relax. It’s only the entire state’s ego weighing in the balance.

After it’s announced, whomever it is, it will take from two to three years for this team to be good. I know there’s some who believe next year with a good coach we’ll be 8-4, but... no. Expect 4-8.

Is this blaming the fans? I don’t think it is, but I’ve been accused of that a few times myself, so maybe my opinion sucks. Petit isn’t wrong. Our entire fanbase, less a few holdouts, began speculation weeks ago. I can’t imagine what that’s been like to go through.
Maybe we shouldn’t be so shocked about the Iowa score. What else did we expect?


My God this is exciting!

There is NO NEWS YET!

No word on what Riley had for breakfast, though. Probably won’t even get to hear what he’ll have for lunch.

Just waiting... waiting... waiting...

Somewhere I’ve heard that waiting is the hardest part.