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Big Red Cobcast: Dear Scott Frost

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Dear Scott Frost,

We have a lot in common, you and I. So, I think that I understand you and where your head might be. So please stay with me here, I promise I have a point.

I left Nebraska too. I was born and raised in Lincoln under the shadow of Memorial Stadium. My best friends are all back home and I also have 2 parents that I love very much that still live there. I understand that there may be more opportunities for my future children somewhere else, but I still fantasize about teaching them how to drive in snow or knowing that they will be safe on their way to school. I’m also married to a non Nebraskan except my wife doesn’t like football.

I never won a championship but I did play midget football for Runza, The Fire Fighters, and also for The Executives Club. Many people would say that the coaches I had were the Elite of the elite in that pre middle school era of my pigskin career. I could have been great if it wasn’t for my season ending skinned knee.

I even live in California. Stanford is in Cali, right?

That’s a pretty stellar list of similarities if you ask me. So, I think my opinion should hold a little more weight than most other Husker fans.

Here’s the thing Scott, (I’m going to assume that I can call you Scott because of how alike we are). Your home needs you. I get how silly that sounds. The importance of the unimportant is not lost on me nor is the hyperbole. BUT I know deep down inside you still have a love and respect for Nebraska that will never truly fade. I also know, that being a Nebraskan ex pat forces you to compare every person you ever meet, or every place you ever go, to home. I know this because I do it too.

Nebraska is a truly remarkable place. I’m not talking about the bullshit surface level stuff like Runzas (overrated), Valentinos (best pizza on God’s green earth) or the two finger wave. I’m talking about the beauty that is always there. The rolling waves of corn, the sunset that makes the ugly lakes look like paintings, the star dust. You don’t see star dust in Orlando do you? You won’t in Gainesville either.

But the real beauty that Nebraska has is truth. The honesty of the people, the old guys that won’t let you “get too big for your britches”. I’m sure that makes it a tough place to coach. You probably have to be better here than most places not only because of the fans but also because of the way that the weather humbles you. Nebraska may not be as easy to win at as many of these other schools you’ll get offers from. We all know that you will get some great offers. You know it, Moos knows it, ESPN knows it and every single Nebraska fan knows it.

Scott, I’ve never met you, but you don’t strike me as man who wants easy. You strike me as a man of purpose. A man of integrity. It wasn’t easy in 97, it certainly wasn’t easy in 96. But you did it. You did it in spite of the fans, in spite of the critics, in spite of Peyton Manning. The amount of joy that you brought to your state is immeasurable. Come do it again. I believe that you can win here. I believe that you will win anywhere.

Deep down inside, you’re a Nebraskan. You chew on steel and spit razor blades. You work until the job is finished not until you feel like stopping. You were born with calluses on your hands. You know how to make concrete from scratch (portland cement, sand or gravel and a little lyme if you want it sticky). I know that in other states we tend to wear different costumes but when I get in bed at night, I’m still a Nebraskan.

I know where I’m from and who I am. I’m guessing you do to. So come home, Scott. We won’t let you get too big for your britches here.

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