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Five Reasons Nebraska beats Penn State

This game should be easy peasy

Nebraska v Minnesota

Nebraska is the team for which I cheer

But our OL has given me numerous reasons to fear

What is wrong? What is up? What is down?

The starting five has been a show, but with clowns.

Hey Coach Cav. Farniok? Knevel? Next Cher?

Who to start? When and where?

Is there any reason given to the players to succeed?

As a coach, you are obligated to lead.

Langsdorf! Yes you up there!

I shouldn’t leave you out, it wouldn’t be fair.

Less than 3 yards a carry over the past several games.

I’ve sure you’ve heard from us. Probably some not so nice names.

A screen pass? In overtime? When it has not been working.

The coaches on the other side sure had to be smirking.

Well I know you are doing your best, and so are the players.

And I’m sure everybody in this state has said their own set of prayers.

But your tenure is probably done in a few weeks time.

Take advantage of what you can on the university's dime.

I know I would. I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

I just don’t think you guys were the greatest fit.


It isn’t often that one player has the longest reception and the longest run for a team in the same season. It also isn’t often that arguably the best player on the team is a redshirt freshman.

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Well both of those statements might be quite an indictment about the quality of team Mike Riley is putting out on the field every week.

But the fact remains is that he is able to put up big numbers against great opponents.

Exhibit A: JD Spielman set the school record for most receiving yards in a game, which was previously held by Matt Davison. Most of you probably know Matt Davison from his days as a basketball player here at Nebraska.

That receiving record wasn’t set against teams we should blow out like Northern Illinois. That record was set against Ohio State. THE Ohio State.

And if the “clutch gene” is actually a real thing, then JD Spielman has it. I think at one point during the season, and it still might be true, he was one of the top players in the country on 3rd and 4th down.

So in JD Spielman we have a clutch player who comes plays big against big opponents. With our offense’s inability to finish drives, we are going to need big plays from the redshirt freshman this week against another great defense.


I know many of you are tired of hearing how nice of a guy Mike Riley is and how good of a person he appears to be. And you can say just about anything about his seeming inability to put out a quality football team at this point in time. But the man is a professional.

Listen to his weekly press conference this week. The man knows he is not performing up to the expectations at Nebraska. His defense just got throttled by a bad Minnesota offense. He probably knows his days here are numbered. Yet he stands there and answers questions with genuine civility. It’s because he’s a professional.

And a professional is going to put the best game plan together he can in order to beat Penn State.


By the way, there is this running back at Penn State who likes to jump over would be tacklers.

Illinois v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Well a little source within the program* has told me that the defense has been working on the Barkley Jump Tackle Drill in which they are preparing for him to jump over Chris Weber. Instead of teaching our tacklers to torpedo under him like so many others mistakenly do. The Blackshirts are going to catch him and take him somewhere in Beaver stadium and then put his uniform on reserve kicker Gabe Rath.

Then Penn State will play the rest of the game with Gabe Rath as running back instead of Saquon Barkley.


This is based off the assumption that Tanner Lee is going to be shut down this week as a result of the concussion protocol. As he should be. In the large scheme of things, this game is really meaningless and the best thing this program could get out of this game is for POB to get in-game experience in an atmosphere like Beaver Stadium.

How will POB look with a full week of practice under his wing?

I thought he actually looked better than I expected last week against Minnesota. He is not Tommy Armstrong when it comes to running. But brought the ball down and ran for a first down on a couple carries of over 10 yards. He also had a run of 6 yard and 9 yards.

This is an added dimension that this offensive line really needs this week.

Another added dimension is the lack of game film Penn State will have on the Nebraska offense with Patrick O’Brien at the helm.

We need all the help we can get.


And since we really have no business even being in the game, Mike Riley is going to figure out how to win. Because that is how sports work sometimes.

Nebraska v Minnesota

*I have no source in the program. This is all just made up. Seriously. I hope this was obvious.


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