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Week 12 Cobs

The Rileydämmerung, UA’s NSFW tweet, and the Gators don’t football very well

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Nominee #1 - The Nebraska coaching staff - We are 83.3 (repeating) % through the regular season. Nebraska is 4-6. I don’t know what else to say. We have entered the Rileydämmerung. It was a one of those epic losses that is seared into your soul. Sort of like 70-10 at Texas Tech or 76-39 at Kansas. Nebraska got its ass kicked by a bad team. What does that make Nebraska?

Nominee #2 - Under Armour - It’s our first NSFW cob nominee folks.

Stay classy UA.

Nominee #3 - The Florida Gators - Florida fell for the old “throw an interception that should be an easy Pick-6 but have them fumble it back into the endzone so you can return the fumble for a 20 yard pick up” play.

Amateurs. :eyeroll

Nominee #4 - ESPN - Apparently ESPN spends so much time in SEC country that they forget that mid-November can be kinda cold in the Midwest.

Oh no, snow in Illinois in mid-November? Whatever we they do? They may have to eat bark to survive. Or they could get a slice of deep dish. They are in Chicago, after all.

FWIW, check out the game recap. Not a bit of white to be seen.


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