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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Fans Need Not Quit On Decency And Respect

This is the worst Nebraska football season I can remember. That isn’t an excuse for dumping on coaches and players. Stay classy, okay?

Brent Fields

I spent Saturday at the Nebraska – Minnesota game so I didn't get to watch very much Big Ten football. It made me realize how little football you get to watch if you're at a game. I watched Wisconsin – Iowa while at a restaurant after the game. I can say with little reservation that the weekend went about how I expected with two exceptions; I did not expect Ohio State to obliterate Michigan State at the level at which they did, nor did I expect Nebraska to give up 400 rushing yards to Minnesota.

It has to be frustrating for Buckeye fans to know they have one of the most explosive teams in the nation was at the same time have little chance of making the College Football Playoff. Ohio State had 335 yards rushing, with both Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins going over 100 yards. Weber had 162 on only nine carries for an 18 yard per carry average. Dobbins had 128, averaging nearly 7 yards a carry. That's shocking especially against Sparty.

I got plenty of crap from my rotten son Saturday. Deservedly so. It wasn't just the texts during the game, it was the way he repeatedly pointed out we called timeout at the end of the game so we could lose rushing yardage. They lost rushing yardage because Patrick O'Brien got sacked three times.

Everything about that game was dumb. I want to forget it and go on with my life. I suggest you do the same.

I was shocked at the Georgia – Auburn score. I was sure that Georgia would be undefeated when they meet Alabama, but like I said Friday, it's November and weird things happen. I watched the Notre Dame – Miami game and was surprised at just how fast and aggressive the Cane's defense was. The Fighting Irish could do nothing against them but throw interceptions. As much as I like seeing another undefeated team go down, I would prefer that it was not Miami "being back".

Then there was that other game that ended with a big disappointment. Mississippi State just couldn't hold on against Alabama. It would've been so nice of weekend at the top three teams all gone down, having their hopes and dreams wither away… But no! Alabama just has to keep on rocking…

So Tennessee has fired Butch Jones. Looking around at Husker message boards and social media, you'd swear that Tennessee has the upper hand on Scott Frost just because Mike Riley hasn't been fired yet. We all know athletic directors and agents are talking way ahead of any firings that occur. Scott Frost is still coaching in undefeated and ranked football team right now. I don't think his main concern is whether he will coach at Florida, Nebraska, or Tennessee next season. He has things going on, and he has his entire career ahead of him.

Do you make quick decisions about your future when your career is on the line, or do you take the time to analyze the situation, especially when you have the time to take because you've already got a really good job?

Do you think that Scott Frost would leave Central Florida next week for another job?

Take the time to watch this interview with offensive lineman Jerald Foster. He wants Nebraska fans to know that he cares and that the team cares. You can say whatever you want about lack of motivation, claim that the team quit, that the coaches can’t motivate, but I’d like you to keep this in mind:

I cannot imagine what it's like to be a Nebraska player or the parent of a Nebraska player and read some of the crap that's been posted on websites and social media as of late. This is one of the most disappointing years I can remember as a fan of Husker football, but remember that these guys are members of someone's family. Try to show them decency and respect. Perhaps if they are to blame for your unanswered prayers to the point that you need to belittle them, you should get different prayers.


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