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Nebraska at Minnesota: The Morning After

Where do we go from here?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

One of my weekly columns here at Corn Nation is to write about Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win, regardless of the opponent. Next week we play Penn State.

So if anybody has some interesting comments about why we will beat Penn State, tweet them at me @nmchugh85 or write in the comments and I might use them in my column this coming week. I think I’m going to need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.

“One should . . . be able to see things as hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Here’s what some of the media had to say:

Steven M. Sipple: Huskers’ embarrassing loss strengthens for ending Riley era, pronto, Lincoln Journal Star

You have to ask yourself — with Nebraska at 4-6 overall and 3-4 in the Big Ten, and with this embarrassing loss in the books — if Riley deserves to lead the proud Husker program in the final two regular-season games.

The case strengthened for ending it now.

Moos has said he's evaluating the third-year Husker head coach's program. Assuming an evaluation really was still taking place, it can cease.

We have enough evidence to make the call, and a meager few would dispute it. Many would celebrate it, which sucks. But it's gotten that bad.

Tom Shatel: Huskers showed lack of heart, a sign the Riley era should end now, Omaha World-Herald

What’s pertinent now, today, is that Nebraska football is a mess and all of their fingerprints are on this and more changes are on the way.

Probably as soon as today.

There are only two weeks left in this sad season, and so you can make the point that you could hold on until after Thanksgiving, that removing Diaco or Riley today will not change the world.

But given the level of performance, and effort, that was witnessed out of Nebraska at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday, you make a move just on principle. To show that you care. To show this isn’t acceptable.

Brandon Vogel: Nebraska Football is a Boat with no Oars, Hail Varsity

There is no enthusiasm unknown to mankind at Nebraska in 2017. Very little winning of the days, scant doing of the jobs. A process? Doesn’t seem to be one. If there’s a boat, it doesn’t have any oars. The Huskers are just out there in the middle of a sea of heartbreak, left to drift wherever their opponents take them and deal with whatever the elements dish out.

Chip Scoggins: Given opportunity to succeed, Demry Croft runs with it for Gophers, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Take that, 84-13. OK, this wasn't necessarily your equal in calamity, but the fine folks in Nebraska now have their own boogey­man to haunt their memory for generations to come.

Gophers 54, Nebraska 21.

The lack of competitive fight should be sobering to loyal Cornhuskers fans who felt the thud of crash-landing on rock bottom Saturday afternoon at TCF Bank Stadium.

GopherNation: Minnesota Football beats Nebraska 54-21 by running all over the Cornhuskers, The Daily Gopher

From the opening kickoff through the final seconds this was a Gopher domination. Minnesota, broke a 2-game losing streak and earned their 5th win of the season with a 54-21 win over Nebraska. The 54 points scored by the Gophers was the most scored against Nebraska since they won 61-7 in 1945.

And now some reactions from 18-22 year old college students who play football at the largest educational institution in the state of Nebraska.

And now some reactions from the media on twitter..

And finally...