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Corn Nation Predictions: Huskers vs. Minnesota

One of our guys is either delusional...or trolling.

Mike: Who’da thunk it. A “must win” game just to become bowl eligible.

Patrick G: Mike Riley will be our coach next year.


Andy: And I will be our starting slot receiver.

Purdue (+4) at Northwestern

Patrick G: Ummmmm......let’s go with the Wildcats. Northwestern University 23 Purdue University 17

Mike: I don’t see Northwestern going to overtime for the fourth straight game in this one. Purdue is improved this season, but not that much...especially now that David Blough’s ankle gave out. NW 27, PU 20

Paul: NwU is ready for a huge letdown. Purdue 31 Northwestern 27

Andy: I’m not completely sold on Northwestern, but they are finding ways to win & score points. Purdue is still scrapping but beating Illinois only engenders false confidence. Mike’s crazy - of course this goes to OT where the Huskies are TD happy. Northwest of Somewhere 23 Shots in a Beer 17 in OT

Notre Dame (-3) at Miami

Patrick G: This could be a fun game. Though, I will admit I have yet to see either team play this year. I did see ESPN’s Catholics vs. Convicts this summer so I feel that gives me enough background to get a feel for the game. That’s how these things work, right? University of Miami 21 University of Notre Dame 14

Mike: Who saw this game coming as a playoff play-in game? Seriously now. Now the question is...who’s real? Miami has scored just enough to win all season long, while Notre Dame has been downright impressive at times. I think Irish eyes will be smiling on South Beach. Irish 31, Canes 24

Paul: Every week they make me pick a game I want both to lose.

Andy: So, I believe only five teams actually control their own destiny to make the CFP. If Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame, Miami and Wisconsin win out, they’re in. Georgia and Alabama are on a collision course (a far from gimme game with Auburn 1st for Georgia) and Miami & Notre Dame meet tomorrow.

Wake Forest ended up a little tighter for Notre Dame than it should have, but the Irish did lead 31-10 at the half. Miami, on the other hand, isn’t convincing me of much and I think Va Tech was overrated at #13. I believe in Richt but not in Miami to even win the ACC let alone this one. Irish 40 Miami 27

Michigan State (+15.5) at Ohio State

Patrick G: Could this game lead to the Big Ten East Champ? Yep, it will. Ohio State University 24 Michigan State University 12

Mike: Urbz is going to hit reset, and it’s not gonna be pretty. Bucknuts 45, Sparty 27

Paul: Sparty has done well lately against THE Ohio State, but not this week. Last week was one of those weird games that spiraled out of control (ASU ‘96 anyone?) and the result was far different than it should have been. OSU 41 - MSU 17

Andy: Please, someone give me some more horseshit about “Urban’s revenge”. Bwahahahahahaha. Clemson, Oklahoma, Iowa...oh my, that’s quite few teams daring to unleash his mystical fury by beating them like a bunch of narcs outed at a biker rally. Our beatdown now looks way worse and the bookies have given Sparty another reason to play the “nobody believes in us” card. Something tells me “Urban’s revenge” won’t make them quake in their boots either. Sparty 33 OSU 31

Iowa (+12) at Wisconsin

Patrick G: Someone, somewhere is looking forward to this game. University of Wisconsin 10 University of Iowa 9

Mike: Last week, Ohio State laid a huge egg after pulling off a big upset the week before. This week, it’s Iowa returning the favor. Bucky 27, Squawkeyes 10

Paul: I think reality returns to the Hawkeye nation this week. Wisky 38, Iowa 24

Andy: Wiscy is playing their first ranked team of the season. The Hawkeyes have given every ranked team they’ve played all they could handle. I still think Iowa fans spend hours pushing doors marked PULL and eat more one-bite-taken food out of trash cans than George Costanza, but the Hawkeyes show up to play this year when the bright lights are on. Since the world thinks they can’t do this two straight weeks. Iowa 24 Wiscy 20

Nebraska (+2.5) at Minnesota

Patrick G: My dad and brother in law will be freezing their butts off in Minneapolis for this one. University of Nebraska 27 University of Minnesota 12

Mike: Whether or not Tanner Lee can pass against the Gophers’ tough secondary isn’t the question to me; the question is whether he can out do Minnesota’s Demry Croft. My guts tell me yes, because I also believe Nebraska’s ground game bounces back this week. Mike Riley wins the Chair and finishes undefeated against the Gophers. Huskers 23, Goofers 14

Paul: I want to say NU big, but it’s going to be f’ing cold and the ability to run the ball will be paramount. I think rodents take this one. Minnesota 20 Nebraska 17

Andy: Paul stole my thunder. Throwing it 50 times in cold weather won’t work and we have no ground game. Since neither team has an offense that strikes fear in anyone’s heart, defense will be key and of course, our DC decided that blaming the last guy for his crappy defense was the way to go when confronting the press this week. An already unattractive season now looks even worse with the Diaco-Banker finger-pointing game, and we’ll see Saturday if it’s a distraction or not. Regardless, it’s not a good look.

This one is tough. A week ago, I would have picked Nebraska. While we have them on talent, I feel they have us on coaching and, despite their losing streak, drive. This figures to be a true chilly, low-scoring B1G Ugly Classic. Gophers 17 Huskers 15