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Big Red Cobcast: Salutes The Troops

Sorry this week’s episode is late. I apologize and I humbly beg your forgiveness BUT we do have an exciting episode for you this week. It’s something a little different than usual. We put on a live show fundraiser for Huskers Salute the troops (more info HERE)

We talked to Old School players like “The Red Barron” as well a newer generation legend, Aaron Taylor. We also interviewed some Vets about their experiences as Husker fans overseas and how the two intersect.

Pat and Ryan “Hoss” Reuter were on hand (I have a family that I couldn’t leave alone - they can’t get by without me) to take questions and facilitate some cool discussions.

Buckle in, it’s a long one but well worth it. They are still taking donations (HERE) as well as signing up soldiers for next years events (HERE). It’s a really neat event and you should check it out and sign up if you’re a soldier. You may even get to watch our live show next year - I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing it again.

Here’s the FB Live video

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