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Mike Riley Press Conference: Post-Wisconsin, Pre-Ohio State - Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley held his weekly press conference. There really wasn’t any good news...

Wisconsin v Nebraska
I wonder if we’re killing this nice man.
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Mike Riley had his weekly press conference just a bit ago, talked for a while about what happened with Wisconsin and did a little bit forward looking to this week’s opponent Ohio State.

I watched part of this. It occurred to me that we should do an article comparing what it’s like be a modern-day Nebraska coach to what happens to the POTUS over a four-year or eight-year reign, and by that I mean, the aging. Maybe Riley doesn’t show it as much because he’s a calm, cool, collected kind of guy, and he doesn’t have hair, having already lost it coaching Oregon State all those years... but good lord, I know I’m aging. I’m aging right now. My left little toe just fell off moments ago, and I will glue it back on my foot when I’m done with this article.

Antonio Reed is questionable. This is not good news given that Reed is pretty decent in run support, and I think, just maybe that Ohio State is going to run the ball a little.

It would be good to have Mikale Wilbon back if for no other reason than Nebraska has to be able to run the ball against Ohio State if the score is to be kept within 30 points.

Luke Gifford! Chris Weber! Dedrick Young! Joshua Kalu, and Aaron Williams!

(I put their names up there so our editor will tag them properly. Yay! They’ve played well! Unfortunately, those are five guys off an 11-man defense. Sadness.)

I hope like hell it’s OSU’s worst Saturday night, honestly.

They did have their moments.... but 10 points by the offense, clearly there are not a lot of moments, certainly not enough. It’s like watching the trailer of a comedy movie, going to it, and realizing the only funny parts in the whole thing were in the trailer.

Tre Bryant.... this really continues to suck. That there’s no clear path here is concerning about his future. I mean that with regards to things other than football... you’d hate to see a guy end up with a bum knee for life because of this.

I could try to make a joke here... but, honestly, I don’t exactly envy these guys. They are playing in front of 90,000 fickle fans, some of whom have already given up on them.

It is at this point that you realize when you’re playing on a team that you are playing for your coaches and your teammates. Maybe your parents and family. But you are not playing for the fans. I know players say that stuff because it’s kind of required, but it’s bullshit.

Play for the fans? No.

I like Mick Stoltenberg. I wish him every bit of success against Ohio State.

Tanner Lee talked about about the lasting effect of a bad loss.

I’m not sure you can just put it behind you, unless you feel it was an aberration. The loss to Wisconsin wasn’t an abberation, though. Much of what went wrong has been present in one form or another all season long.

Sounds good in long as the drive ends in the right end zone. That’s been a problem this season.