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Wisconsin Throttles Nebraska 38-17

The Badgers decided that they’d destroy all hopes once the Huskers tied it at 17 in the third quarter....

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Wisconsin’s running game was way too much for Nebraska’s 3-4 defense, as Badger running back Jonathan Taylor rolled up 249 yards and Wisconsin won 38-17. The Badgers totaled 353 rushing yards compared to only 110 by Nebraska.

The game started out looking good for Nebraska, as they moved down the field easily on their first offensive possession until they came upon the worst possible down and distance position they could be in, 3rd and 2. At the Wisconsin 22, Tanner Lee threw a swing pass/screen to Devine Ozigbo, in an effort to pick up the first down. The pass bounced off Ziggy’s head, was caught by Wisconsin’s Chris Orr who then raced 78 yards for a Badger touchdown, quieting the crowd at Memorial Stadium and breaking the hearts of Husker fans worldwide as they realized that life is cruel and they are not destined to have nice things this year - nice things being things like a Big Ten West Division title.

Nebraska fought to get back into the game, and did indeed tie at at 17-17 in the third quarter as Aaron Williams jumped in front of an Alex Hornibrook pass and returned it 15 yards for a pick six, giving Husker fans worldwide the false hope, that, yes, maybe, just maybe good things were in the not so distant future.

Wisconsin, on the other hand, laughed in Nebraska’s face, spit on the ground, and proceeded to knock out 21 straight points, running the ball repeatedly, gaining yardage to the point of pain. The Badgers had three drives of 10 plays each, going for 93, 80, and 40 yards, respectively, to finalize the crushing and demoralization of Nebraska as Husker fans pined away for the days in which they used to do that very same thing to their opponents.

In a bright spot for Nebraska, Ozigbo finished with 112 yards on 23 carries, and Lee had 262 yards through the air, going 16-for-32 with one interception and one touchdown. Stanley Morgan finished with four receptions and 115 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown pass right before half that seemed to get Nebraska back into the game.

Nebraska’s next opponent is Ohio State. Heaven help us. Please remain fans.

Good night.