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Wisconsin Leads Nebraska 17-10 At The Half

It was a half of big plays. Wisconsin had one more in their favor.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska spotted Wisconsin seven FREE POINTS at the beginning of the game. It has been a slugfest blotted by big play blows since.

Wisconsin scored their first points of the evening without ever offensively possessing the ball. Nebraska received the ball and moved nicely on their first possession. On a third and two from the Wisconsin 22-yard line, Tanner Lee threw a swing pass to Devine Ozigbo. The ball bounced off Ozigbo’s head, was caught and returned 78 yards for yet another pick six by Chris Orr.

Wisconsin 7, Nebraska 0.

Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone hit a 37 yard field goal.

Gaglianone, R.

Lee hit Stanley Morgan for a 80-yard pass play with 1:20 left in the first half.

Wisconsin 10, Nebraska 7.

On the very next play, Wisconsin back Jonathan Taylor took the ball off-tackle for 75 yards for a Badger touchdown because Nebraska can’t have nice things in 2017, or maybe they can, but not for long.

Wisconsin 17, Nebraska 7.

Nebraska got the ball back with around a minute left in the half. The Huskers drove down the field, and Drew Brown hit a 32-yard field goal with :01 left in the half.

Wisconsin 17, Nebraska 10.