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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons the Huskers will beat Wisconsin

Win the Damn Game.

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

2011: Wisconsin 48, Nebraska 17. The Russell Wilson game.

2012: Wisconsin 70, Nebraska 31. “Wisconsin was 7-5” game.

2014: Wisconsin 59, Nebraska 24. The Melvin Gordon game.

Bad memories.

Memories filled with anger and disappointment. For some it also includes a fair amount of crying in the fetal position with the bathroom door locked.

People who have been through traumatic events in their lives sometimes have to deal with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Nebraska fans who watched the games in 2011, 2012 and 2014 appear to have WEND (Wisconsin Embarrasses Nebraska Disorder).

WEND has apparently infected the Nebraska fan base to the extent that some fans are taking steps to mentally prepare themselves for this coming Saturday. They are expecting a repeat of 2011, 2012 and 2014. This Wisconsin program has embarrassed Nebraska at every turn.

Or have they?

It is inarguable that Wisconsin has had Nebraska’s number since the day Nebraska joined the Big 10. They have won five of the last six match-ups. But as of late, have the losses been embarrassing? No.

2015: Wisconsin 23, Nebraska 21.

2016: Wisconsin 23, Nebraska 17. OT.

Yes, we lost. My point is that most Nebraska fans see Wisconsin as this unstoppable force when they play Nebraska as a result of 2011, 2012 and 2014. They have WEND.

Don’t forget about 2015 and 2016.

Yes, Wisconsin is a good football team.

A good football team that Nebraska can beat.

Here are five reasons.

THE RADD (Robert Albert Diaco Defense) STRIKES AGAIN

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m going to keep riding this train.

Over the past 14 quarters of college football, the RADD has given up two touchdowns.

The RADD has given up less than 200 yards of total offense to the first two Big Ten teams it has played this year. I don’t care if you yell “it was Illinois and Rutgers!”

First, isn’t that what good defenses are supposed to do? Second, why are you so biased against this coaching staff that you aren’t willing to enjoy watching a strong defense?

Do I expect the RADD to hold Wisconsin to less than 200 yards of total offense? Absolutely not.

But up to this point, the RADD is the one main thing to hang your hat on as a Nebraska football fan going into this game against the Badgers.


No idea. But I hope so.

There is no denying the dumpster fire that has been the Nebraska offense. But against Illinois last week the Nebraska offense looked....well....good. Most importantly they didn’t give points to the opposing team.

And Tanner Lee looked like the quarterback we have all been expecting after all the talk during the off-season. If the Tanner Lee from the Illinois game shows up against Wisconsin, then Nebraska will be tough to beat.

(Knocking on wood)

(Unbreaking a mirror)

(Walking backwards under a ladder)

(Only opening umbrella outside)

(Tossing salt over shoulder)


First Quarter: Eight play, 88 yard drive. Touchdown.

Second Quarter: Eight play, 75 yard drive. Touchdown.

Second Quarter: Nine play, 89 yard drive. Touchdown.

Fourth Quarter: 14 play, 93 yard drive. Touchdown.

Isn’t it nice to not have to depend on a 80 yard Taylor Martinez run to score?

The ability to sustain long drives is rare in college football. There are defenses that are schemed around this exact mentality that they don’t believe you can sustain drives because you’re dealing with college athletes.

So if we can sustain drives and chew up clock that will make our defense all the better.


My wife and I spent over a week in Ireland a few years ago. Ireland is beautiful. I want to go again.

But do you know what is more beautiful? A fresh Devine Ozigbo running through tired defensive players in the 4th quarter.

Injuries might push Devine to get more snaps earlier than the coaching staff would prefer, but this may be an opportunity for Jaylin Bradley to get more opportunities.

During the Illinois broadcast the commentators were saying that Mike Riley told them Ozigbo was running like he was mad at Coach Riley. I like it.

Devine, as a finisher, is a weapon that I hope we get to use against Wisconsin on Saturday.

If we get to that point, we win.


Erin Sorensen, of Land of 10, puts out the facts better than I could.

From Nebraska football mailbag: Can Huskers win at home under lights of Memorial Stadium?

First and foremost, the Huskers are 46-5 overall in night home games. That record dates back to 1986 when No. 8 Nebraska played its first night home game ever, beating No. 11 Florida State 34-17.

Even more impressive, the Huskers currently boast 20 straight wins at home under the lights, with the last loss coming against No. 4 Missouri in 2008. The key, though, is looking at the situation in each of those meetings. Only twice since 2008 has Nebraska been the underdog for a night game at home. Those were Oklahoma in 2009 and Michigan in 2015.

I was at the Oklahoma game in 2009, and it is still the most fun I have ever had in Memorial Stadium. The place was electric from the beginning. And the defense was suffocating.

During halftime they introduced players and coaches from both Nebraska and Oklahoma. What other school would Nebraska do this with? None.

One of the loudest cheers during halftime was for Barry Switzer. It was a very cool moment. You can tell how much respect Nebraska fans have for Oklahoma football.

And then the camera moved to Tom Osborne in his red sports coat. We all know what happened.

If Nebraska fans bring it like they did against Oklahoma in 2009, we might walk away with another 10-3 win. I’d take it.


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