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Big Red Cobcast: Dreaming Devaney

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an emotional fan. A homer on my best days, and a crying sack of Husker Power on my worst. I’m fairly inconsistent with my faith in coaching staffs and I, occasionally, have slipped into the gutter of feeling irrelevant to the rest of the country.

This week, however, I’m feeling good. I think we mop the floor with Wiscy. Tanner Lee will keep his composure, Ziggy will battle for extra yards and the defense will be the best we’ve seen since 2010.

I get it, we’ve all been feeling the fear of another wasted season. I have good news though: Bob Devaney came to me in my sleep, he rubbed my hair like a scared child and he said “Tweedy, We’ll beat Wisconsin 69-3.”

I’ll admit I was shocked by such a bold prediction but it WAS Bob Devaney. He knows football. The Bob Father also added, “Bootles is gonna be a future Hall OF Famer”. Which I knew but I didn’t want to sound like a know-it-all so I just shook my head like I understood. Bobby D also said, “Please don’t let them hire Les Miles. Ever. Bad time management and losing games he should win won’t go well for him in LIncoln.” I explained I don’t have any say in that and he said “I know but you write articles for the most powerful Husker blog on the planet, so just say I told you to write it and everyone will listen”. I agreed. Obviously.

We talked about our favorite beers for awhile, then abruptly he chuckled, “Say hi to Barry Alvarez for me”, as he evaporated like water on a hot radiator.

I woke up startled, sort of confused but inspired none the less. This isn’t even the crazy part. When I got out of bed there was a solo red balloon tied to my bed frame. I stared at it briefly and then suddenly - It popped and doves flew out. I heard a voice in the distance echoing “69 to 3”. So I feel good about Saturday and everyone else should to.

So my friends, go through this next week with new found knowledge that being a Cornhusker is magic.

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