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Nebraska Football’s Numbers, Statistics, and Lies: Illinois Edition

It is amazing what playing Rutgers and Illinois in back-to-back weeks will do for your stats.

Nebraska v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

N,S,&L is about basic stats and where the Huskers rank relative to other FBS teams and Big Ten teams. We apply the “eye test” to figure out if the numbers are lying or not. If you noticed any stats or made observations that aren’t covered here, add them in the comments!

Color-Coded Pile of Numbers

Some of the red is slowly being replaced with yellow and even some green. This team is starting to figure out who they are and what they do best. The caliber of competition these past two weeks has something to do with that, a much bigger test awaits this Saturday. Wisconsin has a stingy defense and an efficient offense. Not spectacular, but efficient.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies I

Number: 3.8

Illinois averaged 3.8 yards/play. Not per rush. Per play.

Illinois is a team that has struggled mightily on offense. So much so, that today, they demoted Chayce Crouch to QB3.

Statistic: After a rather disastrous first 6 quarters of football to start the season, the defense has clawed their way up to rank 34th in FBS in total defense (yards/game) and 22nd in rush defense (yards/game). Even the much-maligned pass defense now sits right in the middle of FBS at 64th in yards allowed/game.

Truth or lies? I’m going to defer judgment until after Wisconsin. The eye test says Diaco’s crew is getting more comfortable with assignments and communicating better, but Wiscy is going to be a tough challenge for the Blackshirts. The Badgers are scoring nearly 41 points/game and rushing the ball at a clip of 234 yards/game. The rush offense for the Badgers actually puts up more yards than the passing offense (226 yards/game) but the pass efficiency ranking of the Badger offense is 174.6 - good for #5 in all of FBS.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies II

Number: 1.6

Tanner Lee is getting sacked 1.6 times per game.

Statistic: The Huskers rank a decent #45 in FBS for sacks allowed. This was honestly one of the more surprising stats for for me. It feels like Tanner is getting taken down more than that. He is still getting pressured way too often, but he is avoiding sacks. As long as he doesn’t avoid sacks by throwing pick sixes, we will consider it progress.

Truth or lies? Some of the youngsters on the offensive line have been playing well in relief of injured upperclassmen. However, I tend to think some of our upcoming opponents are going to move those sack totals up into the yellow zone in the color-coded pile of numbers.

Stanley Morgan March Toward 1000 Updater

Number: 395

Stanley racked up 96 reception yards and sits at 395 yards for the season. He needs to average 86.5 yards/game through the rest of the regular season to reach 1000.

Some Stuff About Wisconsin

wiscy stats.csv

Statistic Number Rank in FBS Rank in B1G
Statistic Number Rank in FBS Rank in B1G
Total offense 460 45 3
Rush offense 234 23 2
Pass offense 226 71 8
Team passing efficiency 174.6 5 1
Red zone offense 0.85 64 7
Total defense 247 4 2
Rush defense 74.3 4 2
Pass defense 173 23 4
Team pass efficiency defense 105 20 5
Team sacks (per game) 4 4 2


So, tell me Corn Nation....what did your eyes tell you in relation to the numbers? What did I see right and what did I miss?