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Nebraska Rallies To Beat Purdue 25-24!

Tanner Lee orchestrated one helluva comeback

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Nebraska beat the Purdue Boilermakers tonight 25-24 because of of touchdown scored with :14 left - a late, last minute drive orchestrated by future NFL star Tanner Lee as he willed the Huskers to a win. Lee hit wide receiver Stanley Morgan from 13-yards out to put the bow on a 24-12 comeback, crushing the hopes and dreams of the Purdue Boilermakers in that they might have thought they were making progress, only to find that they aren’t.

Nebraska was behind 24-12 after Purdue quarterback David Blough hit Jackson Anthrop with from 14 yards out, and it appeared that Purdue had put the game away. Nebraska’s offense had been lackluster to that point, only managing four field goals by Drew Brown, a true hero of the game in that each time he was called upon, he answered.

Nebraska’s rushing attack yielded only eight yard (EIGHT YARDS!) for most of the game until Jaylin Bradley was inserted into the game in the fourth quarter. Bradley made the most of his time, rushing only seven times for 42 yards, rushing yardage that at that time was a Godsend much like the manna sent from heaven as the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years along with that guy Moses.

Lee, however, would be the Nebraska hero of this game. Lee finished with 431 yards on 32-for-50 passing. He had two touchdowns through the air, and he stood in the pocket completing pass after pass despite the fact that his offensive line played like so many piles of cow dung in a pasture, hoping to exist if only for the reason that Purdue’s defense would avoid stepping in them.

“Get in the way” they mostly said, the offensive line, as they played one of the worst games I have ever seen in my many long days as a Nebraska fan, perhaps one so old that I no longer understand wisdom but only the taste of bitterness.

There would be no bitterness tonight, however, and for this week, for my beloved Cornhuskers have won!

Let there be bitterness in Lafayette! Purdue has lost! Wooooooo!