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Husker Salute: Let’s Raise Some FUNds

Flag in cornfield

Let me tell you a little bit about my friends at Husker Salute The Troops.

Gary McGirr wanted to find a way to show Nebraska’s military men and women that they will always be remembered and appreciated. With that in mind, Husker Fans Salute the Troops was born in the Two Thousandth and Eighth year.

Every fall, hundreds of soldiers are invited to participate in a giant tailgate party for one of the games. The party includes autograph signings from several players of different generations, food and libations, a guided tour of Memorial Stadium, watching the game (obviously), a color guard, and guest speakers.

In the past, these guest speakers have included Dr. Tom Osborne, Ron Brown, and many other amazing Nebraskans or Nebraskan adjacents.

Husker Fans Salute the Troops runs on donations, none of the board members make any money, and every dollar goes back into next year’s pool for military men, women, and their families. If you want to say thank you to the brave Huskers that help keep us protected from the dangers of the world (probably including Hawkeyes), you can donate on their website.

If you want to see what it’s like - watch the Live Stream ABOVE.

For even more info check out their website HERE

If you want to donate click right HERE

Keep up with the day’s festivities on our Twitter page (LINK BELOW)