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Five reasons Nebraska Will Lose to Purdue

This is a Boiler-make or break matchup.

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Wasn’t last week great? There was literally ZERO chance that we would lose. Saturday was a stress free dream. I had a great time watching Texas throw that interception at the end of their game. And the NBA season is starting too! We can just forget about this nightmare......what? The season isn’t over? We have six more games? Dear Lord give me the strength to make it through this.

On the bright side, as we all know, the hardest thing about writing these for the rest of the season will be keeping the list to just five. So let’s do it!

Five of the reasons Nebraska will lose to Purdue.

  1. Purdue is better than they have been- Yes they have a 3-4 record, but they haven’t been blown out like us. They kept both Louisville and Wisconsin games close which is more than we can say. (Replace Louisville with Ohio St.).
  2. We are worse than we thought we would be- Even the most pessimistic of us couldn’t have predicted the struggles of the first half of the season. When I think of the difference in my pre-season outlook and now I’m amazed I can get up in the morning. Same with the players.
  3. Bad play calling- If I see one more wide receiver screen thrown to the far sideline again........
  4. We can’t stop that ONE BIG PLAY- It seems like in each of our losses (other than Ohio State) there has been one moment in the game where if we can just hold them on a 3rd and 8 we can turn the tide. In each case we failed when the chips were down, giving away shots at victory.
  5. Because “of course we are going to lose”- Doesn’t it just seem like this is a “lost” season? I know it’s negative and a downer, but I just can’t shake the feeling that nothing is going to go right for this team this season and it’s killing me. I like this team and staff a lot more than several others of the past 15 years, but without the wins that don’t mean shit.