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Scott Frost - 97


I was 17 years old. I remember the old people shitting on Scott Frost and then not shitting on him anymore all of a sudden. I guess it doesn’t matter how good you are when you follow Tommie Frazier, you will still look like a back up quarterback. Because that’s what you would have been.

I imagine that it must be harder to succeed when it feels harder to win over the people that matter the most. Which I think in Scott’s case - was the fans. We can argue that it’s the coaches, but at the end of the day, coaches only matter because there’s 90,000 fans watching. Nobody practices football just to practice. It’s the game that matters.

In spite of that (and with a little luck) , Frost won a national championship. He gave Dr. Tom his 3rd trophy. He proved that he can perform when a lot people don’t believe in him. He proved it to ESPN, the country and most of all to Nebraska.

Now he’s a coach at UCF. Let me rephrase that, now he’s a coach at the 7-0, undefeated so far this year, ranked #20 in the nation, UCF. A school that no one believed in. A school that just 2 years ago was 0-12. It seems like he has a way about him that breeds excellence in the face of sure failure.

Does that mean that he’ll succeed anywhere? No.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen this year but I know this, Nebraska is in a sharp decline and something needs to change. Every coach we bring in has seemed to fight an uphill battle. Social Media gives access to assholes. Which, I think, is something every asshole wants but none probably need. Facebook and Twitter are both infinite lines of prick after prick screaming “you suck shit” into an endless void of meaningless chatter. The more in pain the pricks are the louder they yell, “YOU SUCK SHIT”. And so it will be forever.

So, based on that, I would say that we need a coach that can not only recruit and coach up but that can also perform while 45,000 people are yelling “YOU SUCK SHIT” at him. Maybe it’s Riley, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s Frost, but maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s someone else all together. Maybe it’s a lady coach, they seem to be tougher than men are anyways. I have no idea what the answer is but I might have a solution.

The next time you want to yell how much someone sucks shit - whisper it.

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