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Nebrasketball: Nebraska vs. Mississippi State

Huskers hoop it up for hurricane relief

Nebraska v Indiana

Okay, there’s no real game thread for this last minute exhibition but I figured I would put together something for folks to check it out. This is a charity exhibition to raise funds for hurricane relief for the devastation Hurricane Irma left in the gulf. The funds raised will go to the MSU relief fund and Salvation Army.

So, if you have time or your NFL team is not playing well today then give the Huskers a listen. Hopefully we will be able to get an idea of how the Huskers will be this upcoming season.

Because this is a special sanctioned exhibition, it will not count towards either teams regular season record.

Time: 1:00 pm CST

Location: Starkville, MS

Television: None

Radio: 590 AM

Internet: Live Periscope on Twitter via @HailStateMBK and

Enjoy this Husker fans. Hopefully it will go well and it will give us positive thoughts on things to come this upcoming season.

  • GBR!