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Five Heart Podcast: Bye Week Edition

Greg and Hoss drink and talk about the Ohio State massacre, the State of the Program and where it COULD go from here.

Ohio State v Nebraska
“What, me worry?”
Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

7-5? 5-7? 3-9?

Which is best for the Huskers? Which is worst? And where do we fall in those categories? In this week’s episode, Greg and Hoss talk briefly about the game last week, particularly what Hoss saw from inside Memorial Stadium.

And what does the future have in store for Nebraska Football? What does new Athletic Director Bill Moos mean to Mike Riley’s time with the Huskers? And what is reasonable for the remainder of the season?

And we get anecdotal about fires, first responders (we’re big fans, by the way), and enduring Christmas with Iowa fans.

Here are your links - we removed Ty, but it should be noted that he wrote about the Nebraska women’s volleyball team beating Northwestern last night!

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