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Five Heart Podcast: Talking Football and Volleyball

Greg splits the show into two segments this week as he talks football with Hoss and follows that up with some volleyball discussion with Ty.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Well, we had certainly hoped that things would have gone better for the Huskers in the last week, but we are faced with a reality that there is still work to be done (shocking, I know).

I'm thrilled to bring you a split show this week as I have two guests, two great contributors here at Corn Nation, Hoss Reuter and Ty Peteranetz. The first half of the show, I'm talking Hoss all things football as we get to the meat and bones of the 38-17 loss to the Ditch Weasels last Saturday night. And we get talking about this Saturday's night game against Ohio State, and Hoss' "weird feeling" (don't look at me, I told him not to over-indulge on Chipotle).

Then in the back half of the show, Ty joins me to talk about Husker women's volleyball, and how they were steamrolling opponents until they went on the road guessed it...Wisconsin. So that's fun. 0-2 in the week to damn Wisconsin. And we talk about the evolution of the knee pads, because I was genuinely curious.

Finally, and this is important, we do not endorse or condone drunken spelunking. It will make sense when you listen to the show. I'm pretty sure.

And as always, WTDG!

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