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How Nebraska can upset Ohio State with this one weird trick!

Don’t fall for this. You’ll regret it.

Dearest Elsie,

We have arrived in Europe. I am not allowed to tell you where, less the huns intercept this as they know that the arrival of the Americans is to spell their doom. I suppose that this country was once beautiful, but all that has been consumed with war. Even the birds do not dare to fly here, lest they be shot down by those angry that life unrestrained still might exist somewhere.

The huns!

We have met some of the French soldiers some of who, have been fighting here for three years. They have the look of death on their faces. Its clear they need us, the United States, to come to their rescue.

Tomorrow we are told that we will go into the forest, the Argonne forest, and we are being rallied to destroy the Huns! I have little hope that this is true, the boys talk up so much, having never seen battle, but I have seen the forests, Elsie, I have, and I know that there are so many places to hide.

Pray for me Elsie.

I do not think that I survive this.

Know that as I fight for our country’s future, I will be thinking of you.

Your fair blonde hair, and those beautiful blue eyes. I dream of you, in this place of horror. You are with me always, and I daily grasp your locket, open it, and look at you and I know what awaits me coming home.

Your beloved,



Why not every Nebraska Cornhuskers fan in Lincoln is pining for Scott Frost
And yet among Huskers faithful, it’s worth noting that the bandwagon isn’t completely full, either. At 42 and in just his second full season as a college head coach, Nebraska fans say Frost is still too inexperienced to step up to a stage where the spotlight burns this hot and this bright.

Shatel: 'Football President' Hank Bounds understands importance of A.D. hire for Huskers' future | Big Red Today |
I call Bounds the “The Football President.” He’s unlike any NU president I’ve seen because he is in places where a sports columnist can see him. He attends Husker football practices. He speaks to recruits on the sidelines. He was front and center, along with UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green, when they announced (together) that Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst had been fired.

Rimington expands thoughts on walk-on program in radio interview | Life in the Red |
The Huskers can have up to 135 total players in the program – a cap set by the athletic director, according to Rimington – and 105 during camp. Head coach Mike Riley in late September said the team typically has right around the maximum, but attrition and subsequent try-outs keep that number somewhat in flux over the course of a season.

Evaluating Nebraska football's playmakers for the NFL draft halfway through the season
Halfway through Nebraska's season, a lot has changed surrounding the Huskers' current NFL draft hopes. Matt Miller, the NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher

BYU’s Cougarettes & Cosmo set the field on fire with their dance routine - Vanquish The Foe
At least we can always count on Cosmo and the Cougarettes to deliver

Then There’s This

Google admits its new smart speaker was eavesdropping on users
A major flaw has been detected in the newly-unveiled Google Home Mini speaker that allows it to secretly record conversations without users knowing.