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Five Reasons the Huskers will lose to Ohio State

There may be more than five reasons this week...

Maryland v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Ohio State. This was the game I was least looking forward to when I agreed to do these five reasons. Of course I now know I should have been afraid of ALL the teams on our schedule this year, as you well know too.

The one great thing about this game is that there are SOOOOO many reasons we will lose this game that if we somehow WIN? OH MY GOD IT WOULD BE GREAT!!!

But, honestly odds are that we are going to get beat down. Here’s just a few (5) reasons why.


  1. 62-3- Do you remember last year? Even if we are 50 points better than last year we will still lose. Now if we are 60 points better? Yes, but what are those odds?
  2. Ohio State’s NFL defensive line- Now they aren’t quite getting paid as much as they will in the NFL (probably) but Ohio State may have the best defensive line in college (sorry Clemson). Our offensive like will be tested like never before.
  3. PICK 6’S- So far this season we have five games and four pick sixes against us. You don’t win games throwing touchdowns to the other team. Please stop.
  4. Tim Beck- He doesn’t work at OHIO St. anymore, so that is bad for us.
  5. Some of you want us to lose- The fan base seems to expect a team with a new quarterback, a new defense and only one class of upperclassmen recruited by the current regime to be unstoppable. It doesn’t work that way, and everyone hoping that we fail so that Scott Frost can come in and save us could be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Am I trying to blame the fans again? Yes.