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Nebraska Football: The Student Section Takes on Wisconsin

A view of Nebraska vs Wisconsin from the student section

So I have been wanting to write about each home game from the perspective of the student section and so here it is, half way through the season. I have pictures and material from all the home games this year, but the thing is I have the ole lazy S.O.B. syndrome. It happens when you spend all weekend consuming and then recovering from including but not limiting to drinking, football, and Fuzzy’s tacos. I am playing around with the structure of how I want to do this, so leave me suggestions in the comment section. Also I am wanting to go around asking students on campus questions during weeks with away games and bye weeks. I would love some serious or not so serious suggestions.


I was expecting the atmosphere to be 2014 Miami-esque since the game was home at night. It didn’t quite reach those levels, but it was close. Wisconsin also being a shade of red (cardinal) and white team brought about the need for a black out at Memorial stadium, and the fans didn’t disappoint. There was not a shade of red in the entire student section while there was some scattered red amongst some casual fans around the stadium. It is hard to hate you when I am not sure if you’re wearing cardinal or scarlet red. Make it easy for me.

The costume department was and has been running low this year. In years past, there would be up to twenty people in costume. 2017 has been at most five to six. Notable mentions include the M.I.A. Mermaid and Barnacle boy and the addition of Jon Snow himself. The student section needs to really step up the game, or who will the camera cling to in long media timeouts? Little kids waving at the camera only to dab violently when shown? I can not bear the thought of it. Husker nuclear winter is coming.

Iron N showed up with a fantastic banner displaying an oversized jersey of our 1997 throwbacks. I wished they would have revealed it sometime during the game as the TV cameras never had a chance to broadcast the unavailing. Sitting in the East Section, I had to use Husker Vision on the big screen to get a good look and could not get a good picture. So here is a picture someone else took.

‘97 Throwback Jersey Banner
Iron N

Game Time

The student section was rowdy as always, bringing the noise whenever needed. The stadium was also rocking, especially after the Aaron Williams pick six. The addition of the decibel meter on the big screen was a great idea I have to say. It seemed to appear on every third down daring the crowd to get louder and louder each time.

As a fan base, we pride ourselves as being nice to our guests who come play us. Wisconsin always seems to be the exception and for good reason. A couple of hecklers came up to the front row of the Student Section trying to get reactions out of us. The penalties Wisconsin had that were called (and the PI they never called) also fueled the fire as multiple obscenities were thrown towards the visiting bench. Once the game was in hand for Wisconsin, most students actually stayed while many in the stadium got up to go home for the night. Many were wearing red, go figure.

Post Game

There was a feeling in the air that this might be the classic upset Mike Riley is known for getting every year. That and Wisconsin has had our number since joining the B1G, and everyone in the state would fill the churches on Sunday had we won. Instead most of us filled the bars to help forget the days outcome. Being a night game the events leading up to the second half were memorable and exciting. All we need is one big win and you’ll get the students jumping around like the floor is lava (millennial joke). I am looking at you Ohio State. GBR