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Nebraska Football’s Numbers, Statistics, and Lies: Wisconsin Edition

Another Wisconsin tailback enters the Heisman picture after a game against Nebraska.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

N,S,&L is about basic stats and where the Huskers rank relative to other FBS teams and Big Ten teams. We apply the “eye test” to figure out if the numbers are lying or not. If you noticed any stats or made observations that aren’t covered here, add them in the comments!

Color-Coded Pile of Numbers

On a night when Nebraska honored one of its past national championship teams, it was the Badgers that paid the biggest homage to the 1997 Huskers.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies I

Number: 7.2

Wisconsin averaged 7.2 yards per rush. Jonathan Taylor gained 249 yards on 25 carries. Yes, he averaged 10 yards/carry and is the Big Ten player of the week.

Statistic: When pass plays were factored in, the Badgers averaged 7.1 yards per play. They were better off handing the ball to a running back than passing it. Nebraska’s performance on both sides of the ball elevated Wisconsin to #1 in both rush offense and rush defense in the Big Ten.

Truth or lies? Truth. The Blackshirts got mauled on the ground during the 3rd and 4th quarters. In the fourth quarter, the Badgers possessed the ball for 13:16 out of a possible 15 minutes.

Numbers - Statistics - Lies II

Number: 31 and 52

Nebraska has scored 31 points off turnovers and given up 52 points off turnovers in 2017.

Statistic: The Huskers rank #92 in FBS (#11 in the B1G) in turnover margin.

Truth or lies? This one is easy. Truth. The pick-sixes by the offense are killers.

Stanley Morgan March Toward 1000 Updater

Number: 510

Stanley accumulated 115 reception yards and sits at 510 yards for the season. He needs to average 82 yards/game through the rest of the regular season to reach 1000.

Some Stuff About Ohio State

  • The Buckeyes are a heavily penalized team, ranking at the bottom of the Big Ten and #115 in FBS in number of penalties and #124 in penalty yards.
  • Ohio State ranks #17 in FBS and #2 in the B1G in turnover margin. They have gained 12 and lost 6 on the year compared to 9 gained and 12 lost for Nebraska.
  • They are #4 in FBS and #1 in the Big Ten in scoring offense, averaging nearly 46 points per game.
  • The defense is stingy, allowing less than 16 points per game (#10 in FBS and #4 in the B1G)

So, tell me Corn Nation....what did your eyes tell you in relation to the numbers? What did I see right and what did I miss?