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Nebrasketball: Glynn Watson Jr. Takes the Reins of This Year’s Squad

Can the junior take over and lead this team to greatness?

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I wish I could sit here and write about how Nebraska will have all this talent this year that will be able to compete in the Big Ten all season long.

I wish they had a healthy schedule that started out light and progressively got tougher as the season goes on, but they don’t.

I also wish this wasn’t such a do or die season for Tim Miles’ squad this year.

There is a lot of things I worry for this team this year. However, experience isn’t one of them.

A lot of talent will see the court this year. Most of which will be stepping onto the court in Pinnacle Bank Arena for the first time. However, we have learned from the recent history that this type of situation doesn’t always guarantee success.

Nebraska may not have the top offense, defense, or conference MVP but they do have enough experience from last year that this team just might gel enough to make a decent run at the post season.

Yes, there’s a lot of newcomers to the team this year. But, this squad will not be defined by the lack of experience. There are pieces from the past two years that will know what to do to win.

It is going to take a lot of hard work, but it can be done.

Tai Webster is gone but in his place is a junior that just might be the guy to make it all work together on the court for Nebraska.

Guard Glynn Watson Jr. comes back for his junior year as the number once contributor from last years squad. The two year starter was a major piece on the team and was the shinning light during many of their games last year. Glynn’s talents seemed to come out when they were needed the most.

He averaged 13.1 points per game which put him behind Webster on the team and 18th in the conference. A number that should jump up quite a bit with the added responsibility this year, more scoring threats by others on the team, and absence of Webster.

Watson was third in the Big Ten with 1.6 steals per game during the ‘16-’17 season. Something that will hopefully boost the defense against many of the higher scoring teams that the Huskers will face this year. Turnovers could very well determine if we beat teams like Creighton and Kansas that seem to have little problem finding the basket.

If he plays his position well Glynn should set the offense up nicely for guys like Issac Copeland, Anton Gill, and freshman Thomas Allen to be in positions to score. Nebraska has historically had a hard time finding the bucket. The droughts our offense has created the past couple of years has been maddening.

There would be times where the Huskers would go anywhere from 5 to 10 minute without a single point. This would make or break many games for the big red last year. Something we hope has gone away.

Fortunately Miles has spend the last couple of seasons recruiting guys who have the ability to score against tough opponents.

If there was any year for Nebraska to break their cycle of scoring droughts, this is it.

With a lot of transfers coming in this season, it will be nice to have a familiar face on the court to help lead the team once the season gets started. Watson knows the coaches, he knows the system, and he knows the conference. There is no sure way that all the talent that will see the court for the first time this year will gel but there is hope that Watson will be able to carry the load and bring them together.