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Five Heart Podcast Episode 19

Greg and Brian hit the record button minutes after #Nebrasketball’s impressive double-OT win over Iowa.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Men's Basketball Team is 3-0 to open conference play. That hasn't happened since the Big 8 days in 1975-76. I wasn't even alive then. Think about THAT!

In Episode 19, we talk about this unexpected and unbelievable beginning to the conference slate for Nebrasketball. We also talk about the sad ending to the Nebraska football season in the Music City Bowl. They can't all be winners. Washington knows that (and I hope Alabama learns the lesson). But Nebraska's loss to Tennessee had some bright moments.

Also there is some recruitnik talk, as the Huskers received a commitment during Thursday's Husker basketball win. And this weekend could prove to be a big one on a national stage this weekend.

All the plugs deserving of a 3-0 Nebrasketball team in conference play.

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