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Bellevue West RB Jaylin Bradley Commits To Nebraska Football

The Huskers are taking a reach on an Omaha RB, but they finally have their ballcarrier this cycle.

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David McGee

It is a big, big glaring hole that Nebraska has had issues with Running Back recruiting in the 2017 cycle. Tonight, however, they have their verbal.

Bellevue West Running Back Jaylin Bradley out of the Omaha area committed to the Huskers after finally landing an offer.

He is the 12th best player in the state of Nebraska, but you are going to be shocked to see his ranking very low. Watch his Hudl first, then I can explain.

You are going to wonder why Bradley is ranked very low, and it’s a fair statement to make. Up until the end of this past semester, Bradley was a big academic risk, as many folks did not even bother to offer him due to that reason alone.

It is fair to say that Bradley would have been JUCO bound after NSD, and one could say that there is still worry about grades up to the day he enrolls in Lincoln.

However it is fair, with Bradley’s ability to run, that Nebraska give him a chance. Many folks have been pining for the Huskers to tap RB talent from the Omaha area. Bradley ran for over 2900 yards & 50 touchdowns this year as West won a Class A title. FIFTY TD’S!! That is Calvin Jones territory folks.

This wont do a lick for recruiting rankings, but this will make folks that wanted a home-grown kid in the stable happy as all hell. Let’s hope it works for all involved.