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Nebrasketball: Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

Can the Husker basketball team do what the football team couldn't?

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread


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Ya know, Jon had a great point in today's flakes. Maybe if Nebraska fans did care about the wins in basketball it would make up for the losses in football?

I'm still not a huge "Big Ten" person yet. I like the conference and the security it brings. It really is the best fit for us. But, we never got to chanting for the conference when we were in the Big 12 or even the Big 8 for that matter. Those things take time, if ever. My kids, they will probably care. Until then, I'll cheer on my Huskers in both sports and take those wins individually. The concept makes sense, it's getting your emotions around it that is the hurdle.

Anyway, on to the game.

Probable Starters

~ Nebraska

Tai Webster

Ed Morrow Jr.

Michael Jacobson

Evan Taylor

Glynn Watson Jr.

~ Iowa

Jordan Bohannon

Isiah Moss

Peter Jok

Cordell Pemsl

Tyler Cook

Also, check out the men's basketball team as they learn the finer points of wheelchair basketball.

- GBR!!!