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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Beating Iowa in Basketball Means More Than You Think

Is football the only sport that feeds your ego? If it is, you’re doing the Big Ten wrong.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska plays Iowa in basketball tonight. They were destroyed in their bowl game. They are Reeling from the same year end malaise that is infecting Husker fans. For them to beat Nebraska in basketball would mean a lot. If you don’t understand that, you have yet to fully understand how the Big Ten functions.

We all know that Nebraska football feeds the ego of the state. Nebraska basketball does not, nor will it ever no matter how good it becomes. Basketball will always be second fiddle to football, which is why the idea that we can buy whatever coach we want is ludicrous (but this is a subject for another article and I will just leave this here for right now).

This order of ego feeding is not true for most of the Big Ten. In most of the Big Ten the sports have a carryover concept. That means that were Nebraska to lose to Iowa in football (as we have this year), that we could make up for it by beating them in basketball. I realize this is a foreign concept to the vast majority of you but it is not to other Big Ten fans.

The game is on BTN tonight at 8 pm central. I suggest you watch. Nothing would be sweeter than kicking the Iowegians when they’re already down.

If that’s not enough for your ego, I suggest you re-arrange your life priorities because you are sad, pathetic excuse of a Husker fan.


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H.A.W.K.E.Y.E.S. pegs this game as a 70-50 blowout in favor of the Hawkeyes. I can’t say that I disagree. But I’m not sure I agree either. Personally, I’d say this one ends up closer to 80-70, Hawks. But this is a quirky team.

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Give Mike Krzyzewski credit: In a situation where everybody was expecting the least of the Duke coach, he managed to outdo even the lowest of expectations.

It seems to me that a one-game “indefinite” suspension is a little bit low, but with Coach K being out for back surgery, maybe he felt it was something he didn’t want to leave to his assistant to deal with.

Put it this way - if he feels like his interim coach is good enough to take over for him some day, he doesn’t want him saddled with the losses that might occur with Allen out. OR he feels that if something happens again with Allen that he (Coach K) is okay for taking the blame for it.

How many are secretly hoping Allen trips someone again??? I’m not answering that.

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